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  • Immigration to the United States – The Immigration Medical
  • Every person, irrespective of his or her age, and who wants to immigrate to the United States of America is required to go in for a medical examination. If consular processing is being undergone by the applicant, then the Immigration Medical can only be carried out at the doctor’s / clinic’s or hospital that is authorized by the U S Embassy or Consulate, where the applicant is attending consular processing. Where the doctor, hospital or clinic is not authorized by the U S Embassy or Consulate then the Immigration Medical cannot be conducted in the applicant’s country of residence, or even by the applicant’s family doctor.

    All the medicines, vaccinations or immunizations have to be in conformance with the standards laid down by the USHPS, or the United States Public Health Service.

    Ideally, the Immigration Medical Examination should be arranged to be held at least 7 days before the applicant’s visa interview appointment. The costs of getting the exam and tests conducted can be understood from the clinic or doctor – the applicant will also have to pay for any further or extra test or vaccination. It is to be noted that the family physician cannot conduct the Immigration Medical Examination.

  • The Applicant and the Green Card Medical
  • Green Card Medical

    Taking the Immigration Medical Examination is a mandatory part of the entire immigration journey. As a portal specially dedicated to this service of helping applicants take the Green Card or Immigration Medical has helped scores of visa aspirants go through the entire process of taking on the Medical exam and other vaccinations in the United States of America successfully.


    Once it is confirmed that the applicant has to take the Medical examination all that has to be done is to log on to the easyIME website – a drop down of USCIS-approved Civil Surgeons is available, with the locations, charges and other details of each surgeon. All that the applicant has to do is to choose the best suitable Surgeon and make an appointment. The appointment can be made online, on the website or it can be done by calling the Customer Care at easyIME. The customer care representatives too help by coordinating with the Civil Surgeon chosen by the applicant and setting up the appointment.


    On the stipulated time and date the applicant has to reach the Civil Surgeon’s Centre, along with the required documents. If no vaccinations have been taken previously then the Civil Surgeon will prescribe the ones that are needed for the Immigration exam.

    The results of the exam will be handed over to the applicant in a sealed envelope for further processing.

  • Adjustment of Status for The Green Card in the USA
  • Green card

    Adjustment of status, or “AOS” as it is called, is part of a procedure that enables a lawful applicant to gain access to permanent residence, without having to leave the country while applying for an immigration visa.

    Adjustment of status involves applying for the status of permanent residence while the applicant is inside the United States. The other alternative is Consular processing, which is applying for the same from abroad. Adjustment of status is related to the applicant’s personal history and his financial, health, family, political and criminal background.


    EMPLOYEE: As an employee you can adjust status if you have an approval for an employment-based visa petition.

    ASYLUM/REFUGEE STATUS: If the applicant has been in the country for at least 1 year from the time of receiving asylum or refugee status then the applicant can qualify for the same.

    GREEN CARD LOTTERY: If the applicant has received information from the Department of State that a visa has been won in the Green Card Lottery then the status can be raised to that of Diversity Visa.

    U S RESIDENT BEFORE THE YEAR 1972: “Registry” status can be exercised by the applicant if he or she has continuously stayed in the country since or before January 1, 1972.

  • Some Tips to Keep in Mind During Your Green Card Journey
  • Green card Journey

    One of the steps to acquiring the Green Card or any other adjustment visa in the United States is the Green Card Medical, something that could turn out to be quite an expensive affair. As it is mandatory for visa applicants to go through the medical some things should be kept in mind while going in for it!

    The medical exam consists of a physical checkup, along with the administration of vaccines, with tuberculin skin tests and blood tests too that could be conducted, if the Civil Surgeon administering the test feels so. So the entire immigration medical could cost anything between 200 and 500 dollars. Apart from this, if vaccinations too are administered then an additional cost will have to be borne for them. It is advisable to assemble a list of all the vaccines that the applicant had taken before and if there is certification for the same that would be really beneficial. The applicant should carry the certificates of all the vaccines that had been received in the past.

    If the applicant is working it is advisable to take a day off from the job, because the entire process of the Immigration Medical could take around 4 to 5 hours, and there are certain vaccinations that could need follow up. So it is better that the applicant stays away from work, to ensure that the medical goes off smoothly.