• An Easy Way to Appear For the Immigration Medical Examination!
  • Most applicants on the immigration journey will be aware as to how crucial a part of the entire procedure is to get the Immigration Medical Exam conducted  – this is mandatory for a person who wishes to shift status in the United States of America or if he or she has to apply for an immigrant visa in a foreign country. The Green Card Medical has to be conducted strictly by an USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon or medical.

    There are ways to coordinate and arrange for the Green Card Medical Exam – one can log on to the USCIS official website and find related information there. As an alternative the user-friendly portal that gives specific information relevant to the Medical is www.easyIME.com. This portal hosts a wide range of services, from a listing of Civil Surgeons who have been approved by the USCIS to displaying their relative prices. This helps applicants to make the best choice, based on the proximity of the surgeon to the residence and to arrive at a decision based on the pricing.

    Accessing this list is free of charge to the applicant – the price mentioned against each Surgeon’s details will have to be paid by the applicant directly to the Surgeon.

    Applicants are advised to go through the easyIME website and see for themselves how easy it is to go through the Immigration Medical. So, logging in the easyIME website is a good way to know more about the Green Card or Visa Medical!