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easyIME is the one-stop-solution for Immigrants looking to get in touch with Immigration Professionals.

This user-friendly free service for immigrants’ schedules them with USCIS authorized Civil Surgeons for their immigration medical exam and with authorized Immigration Lawyers for their immigration needs, right near their zip code. easyIME’s trained and motivated staff redefines the immigration industry’s standards through excellent support that meets all our client’s immediate needs.
For Immigration Professionals, easyIME is a marketplace for Immigration Services. Simply get in touch with us to know how easyIME can network you and help you grow your practice.

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This user-friendly free service streamlines the process for you as an Immigrant
to seek advice from an efficient Immigration Attorney or Law Organizations on various issues near your zip code.
Seek Immigration Lawyer for any kind of immigration, Green Card or Citizenship related matters, such as :

(Adjustment of status) Family | Relative Employment | Refugee | Asylum


(Employment Authorizations) H-1B | Professionals Corporate Business


Travel | Business Work | Education


Investors | Developers | Regional Centers


Talents | Professionals

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