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CDC updated policy on TB test for Green Card Applicants

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated the policy by releasing an instruction about medical screen for tuberculosis (TB) for green card applicants. As per the new policy dated October 1, 2018, the TB blood test will be considered as the first TB screening method. Before this instruction, the tuberculin skin test (TST) was considered as primary tuberculosis (TB) method.

USCIS conducts necessary medical examination for the applicants who are willing to get permanent citizenship or want to change their status of immigrants. For this, USCIS has appointed authorized doctors who can provide immigration medical exam service to almost all the green card applicants.

TB is quite difficult to detect through skin testing. IGRA testing methods nowadays are considered more accurate and credible than the traditional skin test method. This is the prime reason for the CDC to update the testing methods for medical immigration.  Applicants may ask USCIS approved civil surgeon, whether they are familiar with the CDC TB test update requirement.

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There are several steps involved in applying for a green card in the United States. One of the important and mandatory steps is the Immigration Physical, better known as the Green Card Medical Exam. The objective of the exam is to ensure that the applicant is eligible to enter and reside in the country on public health capacities.


Only an authorized surgeon, qualified to conduct the immigration exam can perform the medical. The immigration authorities in the United States of America appoint these surgeons, called USCIS Civil Surgeons, who in turn can then perform the examinations. Special training is accorded to these surgeons who become compliant with the immigration rules and procedures, with the capacity to certify applicants towards further immigration.


For those residing within the United States of America an adjustment of status will have to be done, and the applicant will have to appear for the immigration physical after getting an appointment fixed up with a USCIS  Civil Surgeon in the area of choice.

For those staying abroad the US embassy or Consulate there will have to be contacted, and the applicant will have to appear for the immigration medical prior to attending the visa interview.   And there is always help at hand for applicants who reside in the United States of America. Visit to know more and find either a USCIS Civil Surgeon near your area or an Immigration Lawyer to help you with your immigration needs!

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Whether your application for the green card is founded on any of the visas – family, visa lottery, employment, political asylum etc. one thing is certain – everyone has to go in for what is called the Green Card Medical Examination, or the Immigration Physical. Especially, if you want to acquire the visa quickly then it becomes even more imperative that you have a properly conducted medical examination – it will help you on your immigration journey.


Do not worry! An illness like the flu, cold or illnesses related to old age will not block your admission, or catapult your Green Card status into jeopardy – the Medical Exam is only to look at those health issues that are relevant to the sphere of immigration.

There are only certain medical conditions that render a person inadmissible to the United States. These conditions fall under the purview of the Immigration and Nationality Act, with sections 212(a) and 221(d) governing the regulations. And it is prudent to note here that some of these conditions can be taken for waiver, if so needed. We at easyIME recommend that you go through the services of an immigration lawyer, who will be in a better position to understand your case, give you a complete analysis of your status and help you fill up the waiver application.

 What are the steps involved in the Immigration Medical Examination?

All individuals taking the Immigration physical have to necessarily go through a process – we shall take up each in detail in our next blog.

Keep watching  this space!

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Hiring an Immigration Lawyer? Important Questions That You Should Ask!

If you are on the immigration expressway then choosing an immigration lawyer can be one of the most important decisions that you will be making. Before you finalize on one, be sure to ask the professional some questions – remember, they could make or break your fast track to your family visa, fiancé visa or green card!


Do not be afraid to ask the lawyer you are going to finalize on any questions. You should remember that the lawyer should not only know the laws on immigration, especially the changes to them but should also have relevant experience in the field. Also, check on the lawyer’s credentials and verify his background. There are a lot of fraudsters out to make a quick buck, and it is never foolish to veer on the side of caution.

A good idea is to talk to a former client of the lawyer or attorney and take his feedback. This way you stay safe.


It will always be an added advantage if the lawyer has dealt with cases similar to yours, or if some intricate cases that have been successfully handled have come his way. Every immigration case varies and experience in having dealt with a situation similar to yours can be very helpful to your case.


Ask what type of payment the lawyer accepts and when you will be billed. A breakdown of the charges can also be asked for – and also if there are ways to bring down the costs. Also it won’t do you harm to find out if there will be other unexpected expenses along the way.

easyIME is proficient in connecting immigration aspirants with accredited lawyers and immigration attorneys in the United States of America, helping them to seek sound legal advice for their visa, green card or other immigration-based requirements. So for instance, if an applicant resides in the city of Raleigh, in the state of North Carolina, he or she can go through a list of immigration lawyers and lawyer firms in the city of Raleigh and choose the most suitable one.

So applicants! Your search for experienced, professional accredited immigration lawyers ends right here. At!

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A Secure and Hassle-free Way to go through the Immigration medical!

When it comes to immigration to the United States of America, when an applicant applies for adjustment of status or for a visa, at a particular state he or she is required to go through what is called an Immigration Medical Examination. This exam can only be conducted by Civil Surgeons; these are physicians specially appointed by USCIS, or the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Only USCIS approved civil surgeons are qualified to conduct the Medical Examination for applicants.  The main reason why applicants have to go through the examination is to do away with the possibilities of a major health condition or disease, making the applicant inadmissible on public health grounds.

The Immigration medical exam consists of specific Vaccinations, Tuberculin tests and other physical examinations, as stipulated by the CDC. Blood and urine tests apart from other relevant x-ray examinations are also a part of the immigration examination.

easyIME is a portal that provides a host of services, including helping aspirants to take the medical exam. This makes it extremely easy for those who have to take the exam but do not know how to go about it! easyIME also helps applicants by providing them with a list of accredited  lawyers and attorneys for addressing their legal needs in immigration. By synchronizing applicants, Civil Surgeons and immigration lawyers, easyIME brings them all on a common platform, making the entire process of going through the medical examination that much smoother and easy to handle.

All that applicants have to do is choose from the list of Civil Surgeons an area or zip code of his or her  choice and select the best suitable one after making the necessary comparisons of fee structures. The CSR team at easyIME will then help to coordinate appointments and help applicants to go through the medical in a smooth manner.

It is to be remembered that the immigration medical exam cost is borne by the applicant.

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