• Mental Conditions and History: Medical Conditions That Can Exist During the Immigration Medical
  • The immigration medical examination is used mainly to rule out any possibilities of health and safety issues that could crop up due to the presence of certain diseases or health conditions in the applicant who is on the immigration visa journey to the United States of America.


    If the visa applicant has any mental conditions or history a report of these should be outlined, which gives all the relevant details to the USCIS approved Civil Surgeon. Any harmful behavior, however small in nature should be reported. Any cases of attempted suicide or abuse to self or physical harm should be reported. Harmful behavior, however minute or seemingly trivial, should not be ignored.

    If the applicant was being treated for any mental condition through psychiatry or has been hospitalized for any existing mental disease then this too should be reported.

    Any case of drug abuse or alcohol abuse too needs to be reported – there should be a medical certification that involves the kind of diagnosis, the medical treatment prescribed and the prognosis rendered.