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Navigating The Compulsory Immigration Medical Exam!

One of the major challenges in getting through immigration to the United States is the not very well-liked medical exam! But the Immigration Medical Examination is a mandatory part of the entire process. So you will have to just grit your teeth and manage to get through it, if you wish to be successful in your immigration endeavors!

For immigration to the United States, you will have to engage with the USCIS. USCIS is a part of the Department of Homeland Security. So, whether it is for adjustment of status, or if you are applying for permanent residence or for securing a green card, your major liaison will be with USCIS.

What needs to be done?

For one, you will have to carry out some research on your own.

The next step is to go thoroughly through the list of procedures that you will need to go through.

The website will also help your find the best-priced and most suitable, well-ranked USCIS approved Civil Surgeon, nearest to your area. (The portal prompts you to enter your Zip Code, and then throws up a list of USCIS Civil Surgeons in the area).

Fixing up an appointment is all there is to it then!

Follow the instructions on easyIME, make an appointment and appear for the Medical Exams on the scheduled day!

Make sure to carry the doctor’s appointment letter, the form I693, and your passport or any other valid photo id.

Some Questions to ask Before Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration LawyerIt is always advisable to hire a competent immigration lawyer before you commence your immigration journey. But here are some questions you should ask before taking up the services of the professional.


AILA is an association of more than 10000 attorneys and law experts – they are specialists in the field of immigration in the United States – they also teach immigration law, so they are at par with the best in the industry.


Though each case is different and unique in its intricacies it will help if a lawyer has had experience in dealing with cases that need expertise.


Although it is not possible for the exact time to be known, it would help if you knew how much time it would take; an experienced lawyer will be in a position to at least give you a rough estimate of when your case could see the light of day.


An expert lawyer should be able to give you all the documentation that could strengthen your case – the information, if it is concise and accurate will go a long way in making your case stronger.

The Green Card Physical and You

In order to smoothen the process for all those aspirants wishing to take part in the visa application process in the United States of America we at easyIME make it that much easier for you – we actually hand-hold you through the medical examination! We at easyIME coordinate between you and the USCIS-appointed Civil Surgeons – help you get the appointment fixed and then follow up with the doctor’s clinic to ensure that your entire experience is a seamless one!

easyIME helps applicants and green card aspirants to take the medical and physical  examination across the country of the United States – our website helps you choose between the doctors in and around your area – it gives you a price listing so that you can compare between Civil Surgeons and then choose the most appropriate one. Once you fix up the appointment online, we will then monitor the entire process – and then see that the medical goes by smoothly. This way, you have the freedom to choose between doctors and you also have the choice of fixing up an appointment at your convenient time.  Once the medical is conducted – all the tests are taken and the stipulated vaccinations too are received by you, the Surgeon will hand you over all the reports in a sealed cover, which will then have to be forwarded by you to the appropriate authorities.

It is as simple as that!

Log on to today, and see what a difference there will be in your entire experience of taking the Immigration Medical Examination!

A Quick Step by Step Guide to the Green Card Medical!

We have been talking a lot about the Green Card Medical in this space, with detailed instructions as to how to go about it and what are the things to be kept in mind while appearing for the exam, as a visa applicant.

Here is a quick overview – shall we say a quick step guide to the entire process?

So here goes…

STEP 1: Download and fill up form I 693, a form that is required to be downloaded, filled up and submitted by all those who are adjusting status in the United States. All your personal information has to be filled up by you, and then the same has to be carried with you to the Civil Surgeon conducting the Green Card Medical.

STEP 2: Search for a doctor – only a USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon can conduct the exam. Remember, it cannot be done by your family doctor!

STEP 3: Carry your:

Filled out I-693 form (in part)

List of vaccines taken by you

List of chronic medical conditions, if any

Doctor’s certification if there is history of drug abuse, mental illness or any other grave condition


Depending upon your medical condition you may receive vaccines and other tests may also be conducted.

STEP 5: A sealed envelope will be handed over to you by the doctor or the results may be sent directly to the visa authorities.

Two Important things You should know about the Green Card Medical!

Green card medical exam

It is now required by Form- i693, the form which records details and results of an applicant’s Green Card Examination, that the chest X-Ray should include an X-ray copy and report along with the I-693 packet. What type of report is this and what is acceptable?

Only a complete, formal chest report and X-ray, performed by a radiologist, sealed and signed appropriately on a medical office letterhead is accepted by USCIS. Any handwritten report submitted on a preliminary basis will be considered null and void. Most times, the Civil Surgeon who conducts the medical examination will have to wait for the x-ray report that comes in – this usually takes a day or so – the I-693 form is not deemed to be complete without this report, so it cannot be sent before the radiologist’s report is enclosed.

The requirements for the medical referrals have been revised by both, CDC and USCIS, as has been notated on Form I-693. What are the instances in which referrals mentioned in Part 5 should be completed?

Only if the referral is required should this be done. For instance a referral will be required if a class A situation is suspected and a further evaluation is required.