• Immigration to the United States – The Immigration Medical
  • Every person, irrespective of his or her age, and who wants to immigrate to the United States of America is required to go in for a medical examination. If consular processing is being undergone by the applicant, then the Immigration Medical can only be carried out at the doctor’s / clinic’s or hospital that is authorized by the U S Embassy or Consulate, where the applicant is attending consular processing. Where the doctor, hospital or clinic is not authorized by the U S Embassy or Consulate then the Immigration Medical cannot be conducted in the applicant’s country of residence, or even by the applicant’s family doctor.

    All the medicines, vaccinations or immunizations have to be in conformance with the standards laid down by the USHPS, or the United States Public Health Service.

    Ideally, the Immigration Medical Examination should be arranged to be held at least 7 days before the applicant’s visa interview appointment. The costs of getting the exam and tests conducted can be understood from the clinic or doctor – the applicant will also have to pay for any further or extra test or vaccination. It is to be noted that the family physician cannot conduct the Immigration Medical Examination.