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  • Questions People Ask About the Immigration Physical Exam

    There is no fixed rate but the tests include blood work, skin tests and vaccinations – so the usual cost is around $275 Other things are additional – a chest X-ray for example. If the blood test for syphilis is confirmed there will be an additional charge for the confirmation test.


    The forms are usually ready in 2-3 days. The laboratory returns test reports within 24 to 48 hours and the tuberculosis test is usually read within 48 to 72 hours. If the tuberculosis test turns out to be positive then a chest x-ray is required, and one more day would then be added to the process.


    No, insurance will not cover the costs – the amount will have to be paid upfront at the time of appearing for the examination.


    Details about the vaccination can be found in the Technical Instructions to Civil Surgeons for Vaccination Requirements, a series of notes that contain information on what is necessary for the vaccination procedures.

  • What Needs To Be Taken Along To the Medical Examination?
  • When you have arranged for a scheduled appointment with the doctor or surgeon who is qualified and appointed by USCIS to conduct the Green Card Physical make sure to reach there on time!

    Here are some things that you need to carry along:

    • A complete report or list of all the vaccinations that have been received by you in the past.
    • If a member of your immigrating family has or has had a mental condition in the past then this needs to be reported to the Civil Surgeon.
    • If you have had a case of tuberculosis in the past or are going through treatment for the same now this too needs to be reported.
    • If there has ever been a case of an abnormal X-ray in the past this too will have to be carried along. Do not just take the reports – the original films too are required to be taken.
    • If you have had syphilis in the past the certification pertaining to this too needs to be shown to the Civil Surgeon.
    • If treatment is going on for a chronic medical condition then all the relevant details too need to be furnished to the Civil Surgeon.
    • Any psychiatric treatment or treatment for a mental condition too needs to be reported.
  • Mental Conditions and History: Medical Conditions That Can Exist During the Immigration Medical
  • The immigration medical examination is used mainly to rule out any possibilities of health and safety issues that could crop up due to the presence of certain diseases or health conditions in the applicant who is on the immigration visa journey to the United States of America.


    If the visa applicant has any mental conditions or history a report of these should be outlined, which gives all the relevant details to the USCIS approved Civil Surgeon. Any harmful behavior, however small in nature should be reported. Any cases of attempted suicide or abuse to self or physical harm should be reported. Harmful behavior, however minute or seemingly trivial, should not be ignored.

    If the applicant was being treated for any mental condition through psychiatry or has been hospitalized for any existing mental disease then this too should be reported.

    Any case of drug abuse or alcohol abuse too needs to be reported – there should be a medical certification that involves the kind of diagnosis, the medical treatment prescribed and the prognosis rendered.

  • An Easy Way to Appear For the Immigration Medical Examination!
  • Most applicants on the immigration journey will be aware as to how crucial a part of the entire procedure is to get the Immigration Medical Exam conducted  – this is mandatory for a person who wishes to shift status in the United States of America or if he or she has to apply for an immigrant visa in a foreign country. The Green Card Medical has to be conducted strictly by an USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon or medical.

    There are ways to coordinate and arrange for the Green Card Medical Exam – one can log on to the USCIS official website and find related information there. As an alternative the user-friendly portal that gives specific information relevant to the Medical is This portal hosts a wide range of services, from a listing of Civil Surgeons who have been approved by the USCIS to displaying their relative prices. This helps applicants to make the best choice, based on the proximity of the surgeon to the residence and to arrive at a decision based on the pricing.

    Accessing this list is free of charge to the applicant – the price mentioned against each Surgeon’s details will have to be paid by the applicant directly to the Surgeon.

    Applicants are advised to go through the easyIME website and see for themselves how easy it is to go through the Immigration Medical. So, logging in the easyIME website is a good way to know more about the Green Card or Visa Medical!