• It has been stated that Republican Steve King is pushing Congress to pull back an old American policy that permits citizenship to any child who is born in the United States, even to those born to illegal parents.

    Steve King and some other colleagues have come up with a policy that would prevent citizenship at birth unless one parent is already a U S citizen, a legal permanent resident, or a person who has served in the U S military. This is what the Republican asked his colleagues in the House– “The illegal parents, are they going to decide? Or are we going to decide as representatives of the people of the United States of America?”

    King argued that the Constitution should be legally interpreted on why every child born in America should be made a citizen, “regardless of circumstance and the legal status of their parents”. The House Committee Chairman said that the issue was “far from settled” and it was important to move forward with any immigration reforms as early as possible.”

    But for now the House Committee did not plan to take up the Republican’s bill, and was only interested in examining the issue at this time.