• 2May_1 Here are some more questions on the vaccinations procedure in the Immigration Medical Examination to make it easier going for you!

    QUESTION: Who bears the payment for the vaccinations in the Immigration Medical Examination?

    It is the applicant who has to bear the costs of the vaccines taken during the Immigration Medical Examination. The fees have to be paid directly to the USCIS Civil Surgeon. It is advisable to inquire about the costs of the vaccines before they are administered so you are able to have an idea about what the costs would be.

    QUESTION: Will the Form I-693 be accepted by USCIS if the vaccination chart is not complete?

    No. USCIS will not accept the Form if the vaccination chart has not been filled in by the USCIS Civil Surgeon. It is important that the vaccination chart has all entries against all the appropriate entries filled in, against each vaccine. If the form remains incomplete then it could be possible that the I-693 could be returned back to you by USCIS with the comment that it has to be complete in all respects.

    If you happen to decline taking a vaccine due to religious reasons, or even moral reasons, then the Civil Surgeon will mention this on the Form I-693. In such a case you may then have to apply for what is termed as a medical wavier.