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  • Examination and Testing During the Immigration Medical Examination
  • During the Immigration Medical examination that is conducted for all applicants who are either applying for the Green Card in the United States or adjusting status in the country, the specially appointed USCIS Civil Surgeons will test the applicant for various conditions. These conditions, as prescribed by the body looking after immigration in the United States, the USCIS or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, impact both physical and mental health conditions.

    Clothes will have to be removed by the applicant before the medical examination starts. If it is determined by the doctor that more tests will be required by the applicant then the applicant will have to go in for more tests, as specified by the medical doctor.

    For taking more tests, the applicant could be instructed to go through the local public health department – this could be for more tests or for treatment.

    It is advisable for the applicant to be completely truthful and answer all the questions posed by the medical team honestly. However, care should be taken not to give out more information than necessary.

    The applicant will be tested for TB, or tuberculosis. All those applicants who are two years or older will be required to go in for a tuberculin skin test or a chest x-ray.

  • What All You Can Do With easyIME
  • easyIME is a portal that helps those who have applied for a green card or are following the procedures for adjusting status in the United States to take the Immigration Medical exam, a series of tests that are mandatory and are monitored under the scrutiny of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    What does easyIME do to help you?

    easyIME offers a free listing of USCIS-approved doctors on our website; with the help of the search engine provided you can search for the best suited Civil Surgeon in the area of your choice. The prices that are charged by each Surgeon too are displayed alongside to help you make your choice suitably. That’s competitive pricing for you!

    easyIME helps applicants by coordinating between the applicant and the Surgeon for appointment scheduling. This way a lot of your time and effort is saved in searching for the right doctor and then having to spend a lot of time getting the appointment fixed up.

    Once your examination is conducted the Surgeon will place all your reports and a form that will be signed by him – the form is called the I-693 – in a sealed cover. This will have to be handed over to the USCIS officials for further processing. These envelopes too are provided by easyIME to the appointed Civil Surgeons.

    easyIME really makes taking the Immigration Medical Exam oh, so easy!

  • Some Facts About The Immigration Medical Exam
  • Although the Immigration Medical Examination is not required for those who are non-immigrant- visa-applicants and even those who are non-immigrants arriving at a port of entry, but it could transpire that the Consular officer overseas or the inspector at the port of admission may instruct you to go through the Immigration exam if there is some doubt or some reasons to believe that the applicant could be rendered inadmissible on medical grounds.


    Once refugees apply for adjustment of status they can become eligible to apply for what is called Adjustment of Status one year after their initial admission for refugee status. Once they apply for this position they are not required to go in for the Immigration Medical again, unless a condition came to light in which the refugee became inadmissible.

    Even then refugees who are not required to take up the Medical Examination must still conform to vaccination rules and should go in for the necessary vaccinations. A sign-off for this has to be submitted to establish the Adjustment of Status application.

    Refugee applicants can contact their local health coordinator or resettlement agency to be able to know whether it is possible for the refugee to get the vaccination sign-off done by the state or local health agency.

    It is advisable for the refugees to contact their state refugee health coordinator or local refugee resettlement agency to find out whether it is possible for the refugee to get the vaccination sign-off done by a state or local health department.

  • easyIME and the Green Card Physical!
  • easyIME and Green Card

    easyIME is a portal that seeks to redefine standards amongst green card holders, offering optimum quality and unsurpassed service to our esteemed customers!

    The services at the portal strive to offer the most efficient and one of the most affordable resources for going through the Medical Examination available online today.

    Applicants can fix up the appointment with the doctor of their choice, right in the area where they reside. The doctor who is eligible to conduct these examinations has to be first approved by USCIS, the body that looks after immigration procedures in the United States. Reports have to be completed by these doctors and each and every detail has to be filled up in what is called the I-693 form.


    By working with these Surgeons what is intended is to establish the facility of uniform pricing by across the United States of America. easyIME has emerged as a one-stop solution provider for having the Immigration Medical Examination conducted in the country. It has now become easy for all applicants, with the easy-to-use portal, to get all the tests of the Immigration Medical conducted, in just 1 or 2 visits.


    For Civil Surgeons too, easyIME becomes a veritable partner for helping applicants take the Green Card Exam smoothly and seamlessly, for we realize how busy doctors are and has therefore made the entire process very easy to manage.

    Truly, easyIME is a one-stop facility for both applicants and doctors!