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  • Tips on Saving Money When Applying For your Green Card… Part 1
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    Step 1
    Read, read and read! This could sound boring but it has no substitute. Read up on whatever you find online especially the USCIS website.
    Step 2
    You have a job to keep! So, it may be difficult to go back and forth and keep inquiring, file the paperwork or deal with the whole legal aspect of the Green Card application. Hire an Immigration Lawyer. It is his job to deal with the underpaid USCIS staff and make sure his clients get Green Card without hassles. Plus, he knows legal terms much better than you do. Since, you will need to visit your immigration lawyer quite often, make sure that you select an immigration lawyer near you – it can be near your workplace or near your home.
    Step 3
    Test and Dissect.
    Now that you have read up the basics, you will be able to filter out a good attorney from a bad one. Visit more than one immigration attorney. A high priced lawyer may not always be the right one and likewise a low priced one may not always be your last resort. Dissect what the immigration lawyer says and weigh opinions of more than one immigration attorney so you know the best option for you. The total lawyer fee usually falls within the range of $5000-$9000.
    Step 4
    Start collecting the right documents. Keep filing them as and how you collect them. Make copies and make sure you have a backup file. One to two back up files are good. The attorney will let you know how you can file the documents. Once the file is prepared, it’s time to submit it to the USCIS.

  • Who Needs to Take the Immigration Physical Exam in the USA?
  • There are many categories of individuals who form a part of the immigration populace – of these, some are required to take on the immigration physical examination.

    As per the US Department of Homeland Security, the following categories of immigrants, refugees and others form the immigration source pool:

    • Immigrants
    • Refugees
    • Those who are adjusting for status

    Of the above, the entire category of immigrants, refugees and certain non-immigrant categories, and these could include fiancés, who enter the United States, should have a physical examination, coupled with a mental examination.

    Inside the United States of America, those who apply for adjustment of status to that of permanent residence should have the physical and mental examination conducted by a Civil Surgeon appointed by the USCIS, or the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services.

    For those residing outside of the country and coming into the United States should have the physical and mental examination conducted by a panel physician.


    Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, or the CDC, as it is called, gives the series of technical instructions to the USCIS-appointed Civil Surgeons and Panel Physicians, who conduct the immigration medicals. The technical instructions are made in accordance with the INA, or the Immigration and Nationality Act rules.

  • What To Expect During The Immigration Medical Examination
  • When you are called for the green card medical examination, as a part of the entire immigration journey, you will be asked to provide your medical history by the doctor or a member of the Civil Surgeon’s team. Your history will be reviewed by the doctor – how many times you went to hospital, all the times that you had to be admitted into an institution for any chronic mental illness or physical abnormality, or whether you have ever been so sick that there was a significant movement from the state of well-being – all these will be reviewed by the doctor’s team.

    At the medical centre, the immigration medical will be conducted by a surgeon qualified to have the tests run. Civil Surgeons who conduct the medical are always appointed by the USCIS, or the United States Citizenship Immigration Services, a body that looks after the immigration procedure in the United States.

    You will be asked certain relevant questions – drug usage by you, alcohol usage if any, harmful behaviour in the past, if any or any records of mental illness pertaining to psychiatric behaviour which are not coming up in your medical documents.

    Your chest X-rays and other records will also be scrutinised to check whether you have had tuberculosis in the past.

  • Steps Towards Citizenship In The USA.. Part2
  • We looked at the first 4 steps in the process of attaining citizenship in the United States, the final 2 steps below complete the process……


    Once the task of fingerprinting is done you should wait for the date of appointment and the address for an interview with a USCIS officer. What happens during the interview is that the officer will peruse the N-400 form submitted by you and get confirmation to the answers given by you to all the questions. Your knowledge of English and of U S Civics and History will be tested by the officer.


    This is the final step of the entire process!

    Soon after the interview, you should be approved for citizenship. But the process does not get complete without an oath ceremony. In the oath ceremony you will swear loyalty to the United States of America. A certificate of Naturalization will then be sent to you, which states that you are finally, a U S Citizen.

    The last step does call for a round of congratulations!

    All the steps do not generally call for the services of an Immigration lawyer, but it would be prudent on your part to employ one, if your case is complicated and needs expert help.