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  • Ushering in the New Year with easyIME!
  • The New Year has just been ushered in with a lot of fanfare, bringing with it a lot of hopes, optimism and plenty of excitement all along the way! easyIME wishes all its readers and members a very happy new year; may the days ahead be rich with the blessings of joy, good health and happiness!

    With more than of the week of the new year having gone by it is now time to take a respite from all that celebration, fun and gaiety, and get back into the groove, don’t you think? For those valued patrons who are applicants on the immigration journey to the United States, it is important for them to know that one of the important steps of the entire process is the Immigration Medical examination. This is a mandatory part of the entire visa or green card process and cannot be bypassed, unless under very special circumstances. But it will hearten new visitors to our site to know that easyIME is at your service, especially to help you appear for the Medical exam with ease! easyIME will help you search for Civil Surgeons in your area and choose the most suitable one for you, by enabling a price comparison of doctors.

    Paving the way for even better service and quality is easyIME’s newly updated website, a new release that seeks to encompass the services of both Civil Surgeons and Immigration Lawyers too, for the benefit of all applicants. Most visa pursuers also require legal advice pertaining to immigration, and easyIME, with a “smart” new appearance showcases accredited lawyers too, with the relevant details, so that applicants can choose the most suitable lawyer for their needs. The new release contains new safeguards and features that are designed to make it extremely user-friendly and less time consuming for applicants to find Civil Surgeons.

    So here is a warm welcome to the refurbished, all-new website –! It will be a pleasure to serve you!

  • The Festival of Christmas and the Immigration Journey
  • The Christmas season is the time of great joy and happiness. It is a festival when everybody comes together, forgets their sorrows, re-affirms their joys and celebrates life  and the new year looming ahead! Schools and colleges shut down, offices stop work and everywhere there is a feeling of great cheer. A spirit of enjoyment fills the air; children go to parties and Santa Claus leaves them gifts in their stockings at night! Cakes, sweets and savouries are consumed in plenty, as the whole world comes together to celebrate this grand festival, of jingle bells and reindeer!

    For some families however, this Christmas might not be so grand – those who are on the immigration journey, for instance, may find themselves separated from their family members – the immigration process may for instance may entail the husband being in a new country and having to apply for a visa or a green card in the United States of America, for instance. There are immigration lawyers who talk of their clients having to stay away from their families because they are on the immigration journey – when this occurs it becomes very difficult for all the members involved. When a family is on the immigration journey all members will have to sooner or later, appear for what is called the Immigration Medical examination. This will entail fixing an appointment with the USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon and going through a physical examination and X-ray. But it is better to get this done if one wants a green card, isn’t it?

  • The USCIS Civil Surgeon For The Immigration Exam
  • It is the USCIS Civil Surgeon who conducts the mandatory immigration physical examination and administers the necessary vaccinations for the immigration-based visas in the United States of America.


    If you are a qualified doctor and wish to practice as a Civil Surgeon you can do so, by applying to the USCIS – or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services – the body that does all immigration work, in a form called the Form I-910.

    The USCIS accords a limited number of blanket designations so if you fall under these you need not necessarily apply for a Civil Surgeon designation.


    Every appointed Civil Surgeon is required to perform the Immigration Physical Examination as mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, AtlantaGeorgia, or the CDC. The Civil Surgeon must keep himself apprised of all updates and any important notifications that are issued from time to time by the CDC. All information can be access through their website.

    It is important to note that no print outs are sent out to the Civil Surgeons – it is the responsibility of the Surgeon to get these documents online, download them and in this way, comply to the necessary documentation.


    If the Civil Surgeon does not comply with the technical dimensions then there is a danger of his designation getting revoked. It is therefore advisable that the Surgeon goes through all the rules and regulations in microscopic detail to avoid any problems from occurring.


    Along with CDC the USCIS works closely with medical doctors and accords instructions and updates on a regular basis, helping Immigration Medical Doctors to correctly perform the examination, under the purview of the Technical Instructions that have been formulated by the CDC. There are power point presentations on the USCIS website that will help doctors to conduct the medical in the appropriate way.

  • Find The Right Civil Surgeon For The Medical Exam
  • find-civil-surgeon

    Are you on the immigration journey – have you applied for a visa, or the green card or are you adjusting status in the United States? If the answer is yes then you should note that a part of the process would be to go through the Immigration Medical Examination – a mandatory part of the green card journey.

    easyIME is a portal that offers applicants like you a very specific, useful service – helping you appear for this exam. And how will it do this? Let us tell you how!

    We have a website and it is online – When you log on to it you can search for some useful services that will help you on your immigration journey – one of them is the Civil Surgeon locator. When you click on the “Browse by state” icon on the Home page you will be taken to the page which gives you a listing of Civil Surgeons and their pricing details, categorised by states. So

    The Immigration Medical can only be conducted by Civil Surgeons who are approved by the USCIS.  All civil surgeons who are eligible to conduct the Immigration Medical Examination need to be approved by the USCIS first.

    So what we have done for you is to help make the search for the most suitable Civil Surgeon easy by arranging them state-wise. Click on the state of your choice, choose the pin code of the city where you want the Immigration Medical to be held, and then get details of the Civil Surgeon in that particular  area. It is as simple as that!