• Two Important things You should know about the Green Card Medical!
  • Green card medical exam

    It is now required by Form- i693, the form which records details and results of an applicant’s Green Card Examination, that the chest X-Ray should include an X-ray copy and report along with the I-693 packet. What type of report is this and what is acceptable?

    Only a complete, formal chest report and X-ray, performed by a radiologist, sealed and signed appropriately on a medical office letterhead is accepted by USCIS. Any handwritten report submitted on a preliminary basis will be considered null and void. Most times, the Civil Surgeon who conducts the medical examination will have to wait for the x-ray report that comes in – this usually takes a day or so – the I-693 form is not deemed to be complete without this report, so it cannot be sent before the radiologist’s report is enclosed.

    The requirements for the medical referrals have been revised by both, CDC and USCIS, as has been notated on Form I-693. What are the instances in which referrals mentioned in Part 5 should be completed?

    Only if the referral is required should this be done. For instance a referral will be required if a class A situation is suspected and a further evaluation is required.