• A Quick Step by Step Guide to the Green Card Medical!
  • We have been talking a lot about the Green Card Medical in this space, with detailed instructions as to how to go about it and what are the things to be kept in mind while appearing for the exam, as a visa applicant.

    Here is a quick overview – shall we say a quick step guide to the entire process?

    So here goes…

    STEP 1: Download and fill up form I 693, a form that is required to be downloaded, filled up and submitted by all those who are adjusting status in the United States. All your personal information has to be filled up by you, and then the same has to be carried with you to the Civil Surgeon conducting the Green Card Medical.

    STEP 2: Search for a doctor – only a USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon can conduct the exam. Remember, it cannot be done by your family doctor!

    STEP 3: Carry your:

    Filled out I-693 form (in part)

    List of vaccines taken by you

    List of chronic medical conditions, if any

    Doctor’s certification if there is history of drug abuse, mental illness or any other grave condition


    Depending upon your medical condition you may receive vaccines and other tests may also be conducted.

    STEP 5: A sealed envelope will be handed over to you by the doctor or the results may be sent directly to the visa authorities.