• San Francisco ends detention of illegal immigrants
  • San Francisco finally ends the practice of extending detentions of illegal immigrants facing criminal charges up to 48 hours after their release until the immigration authorities deport them.

    San Francisco ends detention of illegal immigrants

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors action unanimously voted and passed an ordinance to stop the Sheriff’s departments and Police from detaining illegal immigrants arrested for crimes. This excludes certain violent offenders. The extra time facilities possible deportation and assists the immigration agents to take their custody.

    The practice began in 2008 when the federal government launched secure communities partnership between local law and U.S. immigration and customs enforcement to facilitate deportation of illegal immigrants arrested for violent crimes. Critics including immigrant rights groups said that several non-violent immigrants were being separated from their family and deported due to this practice.

    The law will take effect after 30 days from when the mayor Ed Lee signs it. It cannot be vetoed due to unanimous vote.

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