• Protestors Stop Deportation: Chained To Buses
  • Protestors chained themselves to buses and blocked entrance to federal courthouse in Arizona. The protests were held at immigration proceedings in Tucson which were carried out for deportations of illegal immigrants.

    Two buses that were on their way to court for immigration cases were stopped for more than four hours from early morning as immigrant rights activists locked themselves to the vehicles. The other six chained themselves at one of the gates at the vehicle entrance at the court. Other demonstrators cheered the chained protestors.

    According to ABC news, the 70 detainees remained in the bus throughout the protests. Authorities negotiated with the protest leaders but were compelled to forcibly remove them. The police had to cut the chains and arrest them. The six protestors at the courthouse gates voluntarily removed themselves after finding out the bus protest had come to an end.

    The protests were targeted at controversial deportation program Operation Streamline where detainees meet attorneys on the morning of the court proceedings. However, since the detainees were unable to meet with their respective attorneys, the proceedings were cancelled.

    Despite shutdown, the courthouse was functioning with reduced functions since the judiciary provides the funding for the operations. The proceedings will be delayed to next week after the federal holiday to decide the fate of the detainees.