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  • Doctors in The USA – How You Can Become a Civil Surgeon!
  • Some doctors are employed by USCIS or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in the role of Civil Surgeons. Civil Surgeons are doctors appointed by the USCIS to specifically conduct the Green Card Immigration Medical – an examination that is a mandatory part of the immigration process and that needs to be undertaken by all those visa applicants who are looking to apply for the green card or to adjust status in the United States of America.


    A whole set of criteria exists that have to be met by these Civil Surgeons, before these roles can be applied for. Doctors who reside in the United States and work as qualified doctors are called Civil Surgeons, while those who stay in foreign countries are called panel physicians.


    Certain professional and personal qualifications need to be met by the Civil Surgeon. The doctor has to possess a valid license in the state in which the doctor practices. At least 4 years of work experience as a practicing doctor needs to be there. This excludes the time spent by the doctor in internship or as a resident. The doctor should have been eligible to work as one in the United States.


    What the doctor needs to do is to submit all required details to the USCIS office in his or her city. A letter needs to be written to the District Director, USCIS as an application for the post. Copies of the medical license and a CV should also be enclosed. 2 signature cards displaying the name and valid signatures should also be attached.

  • Some Tips For Finding An Excellent Immigration Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyer - easyIME

    Immigration is altogether a complex process, full of laws to be kept in mind and paperwork to be completed. Going through the immigration process is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea. Here are some tips to help you make a smart decision:

    Compare Advice: Always speak to more than 1 attorney – this way you will be able to make a comparison and choose the preferred lawyer. This is a good way of checking out various attorneys to get a sense of their work experience, judgment and analytical capabilities. Also, speaking to more than 1 Immigration lawyer will help you arrive at a conclusion faster, as you can easily ascertain their overall personality and commitment to their work.  A lawyer’s work philosophy is also very important for a visa or green card applicant, and if a lawyer is laid-back and complacent it could gravely damage the applicant’s progress. So always, speak to more than 1 lawyer before arriving at a choice.


    There is no guarantee in immigration – it is as simple as that. Even the best lawyers cannot guarantee success. Any lawyer who claims that he or she has succeeded in each immigration case is just showing you a mirage. Evaluate that closely before making your choice.


    Some lawyers usually loiter around hallways of USCIS offices or other offices of immigration to get business. This is not ethical and it is advised not to encourage such practices.

  • The Immigration Medical – A Mandatory Exam For All US Visa Applicants!
  • easyIME- Immigration Medical

    Most applicants are aware of how important and mandatory it is to appear for the Immigration Medical Exam – this is crucial for an individual who aspires to adjust status in the United States or apply for an immigrant visa abroad. Moreover, the Immigration Medical examinations require that they are conducted by an USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon.

    The green card medical exam or the physical immigration exam – all these terms are used to denote the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) approved physical test that is mandatory for all green card applicants. is a user-friendly website that offers secure online patient forms, booking appointments, bi-lingual support and competitive pricing for all applicants. What’s more, applicants can also check the status of their application on the website. Applicants are offered a wide range of services by easyIME, right from a listing of USCIS approved civil surgeons in and around their area, along with their prices, so that they can make a suitable choice. Accessing this list is free and carries no charge. As an applicant have you fixed up an appointment with the USCIS-paneled Civil Surgeon of your choice for the Immigration Medical Exam?  If you haven’t, please do take the help of our customer service officers who will help you with the entire process. Applicants can visit the website for exact information.

    Immigration applicants are invited to take advantage of easyIME’s FREE and EASY-TO-USE medical exam process and surf ahead towards their green card or citizenship!

  • Some Questions On the Immigration Medical Answered!
  • easyIME

    Question: I have applied for my green card and I will be required to take the Immigration Medical Examination. How long will it take?

    Congratulations – if you have applied for the green card, one of the processes that are mandatory is the Green Card Medical. The exam usually takes 1 to 3 visits to complete.

    Question: I have already appeared for the Immigration Medical. But I have a doubt that the Civil Surgeon will share my results. Is that possible?

    The results and corresponding reports of your examination are strictly confidential and will be used for the purposes of immigration only. However, if the Civil Surgeon is asked to share the report with the Public Health officials he will be bound to do so.

    Question: I just appeared for the Immigration Medical – what is the next step now?

    There is still a long way to go! The Green Card or Immigration Medical is only one among the many steps involved, leading up to the Green Card. If you need more information you can visit the USCIS website for details on the steps necessary.

    Question: How much time are the results of the Immigration Medical examination valid for?

    The results are generally valid for 12 months, so try and schedule the exam as close to the time you file for adjustment of status as possible.