• Steps Towards Citizenship In The USA.. Part2
  • We looked at the first 4 steps in the process of attaining citizenship in the United States, the final 2 steps below complete the process……


    Once the task of fingerprinting is done you should wait for the date of appointment and the address for an interview with a USCIS officer. What happens during the interview is that the officer will peruse the N-400 form submitted by you and get confirmation to the answers given by you to all the questions. Your knowledge of English and of U S Civics and History will be tested by the officer.


    This is the final step of the entire process!

    Soon after the interview, you should be approved for citizenship. But the process does not get complete without an oath ceremony. In the oath ceremony you will swear loyalty to the United States of America. A certificate of Naturalization will then be sent to you, which states that you are finally, a U S Citizen.

    The last step does call for a round of congratulations!

    All the steps do not generally call for the services of an Immigration lawyer, but it would be prudent on your part to employ one, if your case is complicated and needs expert help.