• Congressional Democrats Arrested At Rally
  • October 9: Democratic Reps. Joe Crowley and Charlie Rangel of New York, Luis Gutierrez-Illinois, Raul Grijalva-Arizona, Jan Schakowsky-Illinois, Keith Ellison-Minnesota and Al Green-Texas and John Lewis-Georgia were arrested in blocking the streets near the National Mall to bring attention to their efforts to pass a comprehensive immigration reform yesterday.

    More than a dozen Congressional Democrats and four House Republicans came before the crowd to urge the house to take up the immigration reform bill for a vote.

    Congressional Democrats Arrested At Rally

    Thousands of activists waved and cheered displaying the signs that said “No Human is Illegal”. Children too were a part of this rally called “Camino Americano” and wore T shirts that read “Don’t Deport My Dad”.

    According to an event spokeswoman, the National Park Service allowed the event to proceed because it fell under a First Amendment category which was closed due to the federal government shutdown.

    “Camino Americano” followed events in more than 100 cities in 36 states across the nation on Saturday to make a similar push for comprehensive immigration reform.

    The event was designed to pressure Congress and the House GOP to act on immigration reform this year.

    Other efforts included key faith leaders gathering on Capitol Hill to speak out for immigration reform and to try and meet with House offices to engage in prayer for immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.

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