• Are you a Civil Surgeon?
  • easyIME.com streamlines the immigration medical exam process by facilitating green card aspirants find the right civil surgeons through their zip code.

    Our unique civil surgeon locator feature gets medical exam applicant referrals depending on the location of your medical practice. We strive to gain the respect and trust of all immigration medical exam applicants as well as all Civil Surgeons.

    We understand the specific goals of USCIS and the entire immigration medical application process. Our deep understanding reflects in the design of this platform which simplifies the process of registration and sign up easy for all whether applicants or civil surgeons.

    easyIME works as a local referral service, pre-screens and sorts the applications based on their medical history, schedule online appointment(s), provides you with pre-printed & populated data on the required medical forms and an envelope for ease of processing.

    If you sign up with us today, you can instantly start using easyIME services to get referrals for immigration medical exam. Our signup is very easy, secure and user-friendly.  All it takes is 3-5 minutes to complete.

    You can register with us either online or request a sign up kit. Select from a variety of plans including Basic, Essential, Enhanced or the Ultimate.

    How to register?

    • Click on USCIS Civil Surgeons Option
    • Click on Sign Up option at the top right hand corner.
    • If you’re a USCIS approved civil surgeon, click on that option.
    • The next page offers you two options, you can select from – online sign up or signup kit.
    • The online sign up will take 3-5 minutes.
    • Fill in the contact details and select the plan you want and the billing option you’ll be using for the payment.
    • Select the date you want the plan to be effective from and register.
    • Select working hours and add holidays.
    • Enter exam fee and method of payment you would like from exam applicants.

    You can sign up with us either with the post-paid billing option with the credit card billing option.

    Our secure platform and privacy policy ensures that your data is kept confidential.

    During online sign up, our customized platform lets you select your working hours and add holidays, the appointments for the applicants will be automatically accordingly scheduled.

    Once you’re done with the secure, fast and easy signup, you will get a confirmation call from an easyIME representative confirming your registration and contact details. Congratulations! You will start getting medical exam applicant referrals instantly!

    You can also request a demo of our services.

    Want to know more details about our plans, simply call us on (888) 437-6797. Our customer support staff would be happy to assist you with all your queries.

    If you’re not a USCIS civil surgeon, you can become one. Fill the form on our website by clicking on this https://www.easyime.com .