• 30 DREAMers IN U.S. Custody
  • October 1: Thirty four young immigrants tried to enter the United States on Monday at an international bridge in San Antonio, Texas without documents to protest against the unjust U.S. immigration policies. Of these 30 are DREAMers.

    The group dressed in graduation gowns marched across the Mexico to Laredo bridge in San Antonio chanting “Undocumented and unafraid!”

    These immigrants spent grew up in U.S. cities like Phoenix and L.A. and wished to return to their homes. Most of these immigrants are in their teens or early 20s. The move was inspired by the famous “Dream 9” who crossed the border at Nogales, Arizona in late July as part of a protest against U.S. deportation policies. While in detention for two weeks, these young people organized other detainees and documented conditions. They are awaiting their turn before a judge.

    The tragedy of these DREAMers is not just being brought into the US illegally as children or getting legally recognized. These thirty four left the U.S. both through deportations or voluntarily before the DACA was announced and implemented.

    The recent protests especially those of 100 women getting arrested at Capitol Hill and now these 34 DREAMers is certainly building pressure over the Congress to act; however, it is unclear whether these protests will have any effect on the House to consider fixing the broken immigration system in the short run or not.

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