• There are many surveys taking place in the United States of America on a regular basis. Here is the general perspective on immigration reform:

    On the whole there is a positive approach towards immigrants.

    A majority of Americans feel that the growing number of immigrants will help to strengthen American society, while only a few believe that newcomers will undermine traditional American customs and values.

    A large majority of Americans believe that immigrants will blend in with the American community, much like the immigrants from previous eras, while a small number disagrees.

    There are some concerns about the economic impact of immigrants on the general community. Many Americans believe that immigrants coming to the country took jobs that Americans did not want, while a majority of Americans felt that illegal immigrants hurt the economy by working for lower wages and bringing down the wage levels in general.

    Although deportations of illegal immigrants have increased in recent times very few Americans could correctly state the number of deportations.

    There is broad agreement about a set of values that should guide immigration policy.

    5 values are rated as extremely important guides to immigration reform by a majority of Americans : Promoting national security, keeping families together, protecting the dignity of people, ensuring fairness to taxpayers and enforcing the rule of law.