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  • Some Tips to Keep in Mind During Your Green Card Journey
  • Green card Journey

    One of the steps to acquiring the Green Card or any other adjustment visa in the United States is the Green Card Medical, something that could turn out to be quite an expensive affair. As it is mandatory for visa applicants to go through the medical some things should be kept in mind while going in for it!

    The medical exam consists of a physical checkup, along with the administration of vaccines, with tuberculin skin tests and blood tests too that could be conducted, if the Civil Surgeon administering the test feels so. So the entire immigration medical could cost anything between 200 and 500 dollars. Apart from this, if vaccinations too are administered then an additional cost will have to be borne for them. It is advisable to assemble a list of all the vaccines that the applicant had taken before and if there is certification for the same that would be really beneficial. The applicant should carry the certificates of all the vaccines that had been received in the past.

    If the applicant is working it is advisable to take a day off from the job, because the entire process of the Immigration Medical could take around 4 to 5 hours, and there are certain vaccinations that could need follow up. So it is better that the applicant stays away from work, to ensure that the medical goes off smoothly.


  • The Green Card Medical – A Crucial Step on the Immigration Journey!
  • Immigration-JourneyUSCIS conducts the Immigration Medical Examination for all those aspirants who are in the process of adjusting status and have to apply for a green card or for any other kind of visa. USCIS stands for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is a body that handles all the immigration processes in the country of the United States. The examinations are conducted by qualified medical practitioners who are empaneled by the USCIS.


    The sole purpose of conducting the green card medical examination or the immigration medical examination is to verify whether the visa aspirant is suffering from any major disease or abnormal health condition that could pre-empt him or her from getting admissibility into the country, especially on health grounds that could endanger society.

    With the help of a portal like easyIME it is now easy for aspirants to go in for the immigration medical examination.

    Once the doctor is selected by the applicant online the time slot most suitable to the aspirant should be selected, and even in this, the applicant will be helped by easyIME to fix up an appointment with the concerned USCIS Civil Surgeon. So all that the applicant will have to do is to show up at the doctor’s clinic at the designated time!

  • Steps for Applying for a Green Card in The United States… Part2
  • Step 5:

    Once you have collected all the documents necessary, filed copies of them and sent the needed, original papers to USCIS you will then have to wait for the Green Card Medical exam. This is a compulsory exam that all applicants going through the visa process have to undertake.

    The Green Card Medical could prove to be expensive – the exam involves some physical examinations and the necessary vaccinations –  the applicant has to go in for a body check-up, TB testing and some blood tests, if required.  The Immigration Medical could cost anything between 200 and 500 USD. For the vaccinations the applicant might have to pay more. It is important to talk to your health care worker and confirm which vaccines have been taken by you before. A certificate stating the same could help.

    You might have to take a break from your daily routine or work, as the exam could last for around 2 to 4 hours at least. Also, it could happen that the vaccinations could require you to have a follow up.

    Step 6

    A USCIS –approved Civil Surgeon will have to conduct the entire procedure of the Immigration Medical Exam for you – this is mandatory. There are some tools that could help you in your search- a site like gives applicants a free listing of Doctors in the area of their choice – you could try it out. An appointment too can be scheduled with the doctor online.

    Step 7

    On the fixed date and time do show up at the Surgeon’s! A form called the I-693 form will have to be filled up and signed by the doctor taking your exam – it will be handed over to you to in a sealed envelope, which will then have to be forwarded to the authorities at USCIS.

  • The Immigration Lawyer And The Green Card Medical
  • Immigration LawyerFor the immigration aspirant, whether the green card application is founded on the basis of employment, visa lottery, political asylum, family or through any other means – the mandatory thing is that the applicant and/or family needs to have appeared for the Green Card Medical and should have filed it on record.


    (Please note that this piece is about filing the green card application in the United States of America – this is also known as Adjustment of Status. Filing an application for the green card from abroad requires a different form.)

    If you are suffering from common or routine conditions like a cold or the flu do not worry too much. These will not stop you from your green card process. The Immigration Medical will check for conditions that are related to immigration.


    First. Download and fill up the Immigration Medical form, which is also known as the I-693. This form pertains to details about you and your health – remember, even if you harbor the smallest doubt do not hesitate to take the services of a good immigration lawyer – it is better to be safe, than to be sorry! A small mistake in filling out the form could set you back by weeks or even months. Always seek out a proficient and experienced lawyer – there are many lawyers but you will need to find the one who is most suitable to be of service to you.

    Secondly, find a USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon in your area.

    Thirdly, carry all the necessary documents with you.

    We shall look at what all has to be carried to the Medical Clinic shortly!