• Finding a USCIS Civil Surgeon to Conduct the Immigration Medical
  • USCIS Civil SurgeonsIf you are located in the United States of America and are in the process of securing a green card there you will in all probability be required to appear for the Green Card Medical. This exam is conducted by doctors who are approved, trained and appointed by the body governing the visa process in the United States – United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS. Certain doctors are appointed by USCIS specifically to conduct and report the results of the Immigration Exam Medical.

    For those applicants who reside outside the country panel physicians can conduct the examination. The panel physicians are not the same as the Civil Surgeons inside the States; they are appointed by the Department of State – they can only conduct the immigration medical as a part of the visa process in a consulate or a U S Embassy abroad.


    The applicant will have to carry :

    • The I-693 form, with the first part filled up
    • Previous medical and vaccination records
    • Government-approved photo identification – such as a passport and a driver’s licence.
    • Payment for the exam – prices vary from doctor to doctor, so it is always a good idea to check out a few doctors before deciding on the suitable Civil Surgeon.