• 22_1april If you are a visa applicant who is applying for the green card for residing permanently in the United States of America you are required to go in for some vaccinations, depending upon what age group you fall into.

    Find below some questions answered about vaccinations, which are an important part of the Immigration Medical Examination.

    QUESTION: What is the season usually for the flu starting- I am asking this in reference to the seasonal flu requirement; the seasonal flu vaccine is an integral part of the Immigration Medical Examination will I still have to receive the seasonal flu vaccine even if the flu season is not going on?

    As far as the Immigration Medical Examination is concerned the flu season falls between October 1 and March 31st every year. If you are slated to take the Immigration Medical Examination during this time frame you are then required to go in for the seasonal flu vaccine. If you have a schedule for the Green Card Medical Exam to be completed anytime between April 1st and September 30, when the flu season does not occur then you are not required to place on record that you have got the seasonal flu vaccine done.

    Question: I am pregnant and do not wish to go in for any vaccinations as part of the stipulated procedure. But will I still have to go through them as part of the Immigration Medical Examination procedure?

    Answer: In the event of your being pregnant, then, as per the Technical Instructions quoted in the CDC the Civil Surgeon will be in a better position to assess your condition and advise the necessary course of action. If the Civil Surgeon is not able to give you the vaccine as require then the Form I-693 pertaining to the Green Card Medical Examination will be annotated by having the particular non-administered vaccine as contraindicated.