• Adjustment of Status for The Green Card in the USA
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    Adjustment of status, or “AOS” as it is called, is part of a procedure that enables a lawful applicant to gain access to permanent residence, without having to leave the country while applying for an immigration visa.

    Adjustment of status involves applying for the status of permanent residence while the applicant is inside the United States. The other alternative is Consular processing, which is applying for the same from abroad. Adjustment of status is related to the applicant’s personal history and his financial, health, family, political and criminal background.


    EMPLOYEE: As an employee you can adjust status if you have an approval for an employment-based visa petition.

    ASYLUM/REFUGEE STATUS: If the applicant has been in the country for at least 1 year from the time of receiving asylum or refugee status then the applicant can qualify for the same.

    GREEN CARD LOTTERY: If the applicant has received information from the Department of State that a visa has been won in the Green Card Lottery then the status can be raised to that of Diversity Visa.

    U S RESIDENT BEFORE THE YEAR 1972: “Registry” status can be exercised by the applicant if he or she has continuously stayed in the country since or before January 1, 1972.