• USCIS writes warning letter to the House
  • On Thursday, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agents delivered a warning letter to House Republicans specifically Rep Luis Gutierrez, Rep Paul Ryan, Rep Bob Goodlatte and Rep Eric Cantor against passing a bill that is amnesty for the undocumented.

    The Council President at USCIS, Kenneth Palinkas, wrote that the House may be on a path that may lead to more obstacles and roadblocks for the USCIS agents to protect the nation’s security and the American Taxpayer. He added that according to media reports Majority leader Eric Cantor, Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Chairman Paul Ryan and Rep. Luis Gutierrez are working on proposals that are likely to open benefits of citizenship to illegal immigrants and expanding other visa programs. He warns that the piecemeal approach of passing a series of separate bills will use the Senate immigration bill as the starting point.

    He says passing the bill would affect the way USCIS works which in turn will affect millions of citizenship, visa and green card applications currently under review. This would lead to widespread abuses that may invite disaster.

    He believes that USCIS needs to be reformed first before the changes are made to the agency. The agency has been corrupted by politics before any amnesty proposal is brought up in the House.

    Finally, he suggested that the taxpayer can be best served by screening new applicants and prevent abuses of immigrant benefits.

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