• Tackling The Immigration Medical Examination In The United States
  • 12_AugOne of the major hurdles in getting through immigration to a new country is often that much-dreaded medical exam. But the Green Card Medical Examination forms a compulsory part of the entire process. So you will have to get through it, if you wish to be successful in your immigration endeavors!

    The body looking after immigration to the United States is the USCIS or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, and is a part of the Department of Homeland Security. So, whether it is for securing permanent residence or a green card, every applicant’s liaison partner will be the USCIS.


    Before the date of the exam try and do some research on your own. This knowledge will help you be armed with the latest details and will iron out any uncertainty.

    The next step would be to understand the entire length of procedures that you will need to go through.

    With the help of www.easyime.com you can find the best-priced and most appropriate, well-ranked USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon, in the area of your choice. The portal will prompt you to feed in the Zip Code, and it will then display a list of USCIS Civil Surgeons in the vicinity chosen by you.

    The next step is to fix up an appointment and you are on your way!