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  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill: Is Congress serious enough?
  • The final session of Congress is going to end in a few days and the holiday schedules is already out, but the long awaited immigration bill is still on table. A day ago, during an interview, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that she asked House speaker John Boehner about consideration of Immigration Reform Bill and he replied,” Yes, we have to wait until next year.”

    It has been six months of senate passed the Comprehensive Reform Bill proposed by Gang of Eight. Few weeks ago, Congress came to the conclusion of piecemeal approach where all the issues will be directed by separate drafted bills. President Mr. Barak Obama also supported this theory. At that point of time, people really considered that now congress is serious enough to pass this law in this year itself. it was a ray of hope which never emerged. Thousands of people marched, protested for the bill but in vein.

    Protesters outside the House

    However, vice president Joe Biden promised yesterday that Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill will surely implement as law, since majority of both, Republicans and Democrats understand urgency of this law.  Senate passed this bill in summer of this year but GOP house leaders opposed to bring the bill to vote in house.

    Sylvia Ruiz, the Service Employees International Union official who is leading the fast, held in Capitol Hill, in favor of Immigration Reform bill, told to Dana Milbank from Washington Post, that they wrote two letters to house speaker John Boehner about starting conversation with them, but he never responded.

    Immigration Law has been annoying United States from last 30 years. We really need a strong Immigration law which strengthens our nation’s integrity and Security and also give a fair chance to immigrants, who really want to contribute to United States America in better way. Let’s hope our house people become more serious towards this issue and come out with profound solution. is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Physician and schedule their Green Card Medical Exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.

  • Why Is the Meningococcal Vaccine Mandatory In the Immigration Medical Exam
  • Immigration medical examinations are usually required in the United States of America for adjustment of status, that is, if you are applying for a green card while residing there, or, if you are applying for an immigrant visa from abroad.  The point to note here is that the exam can be conducted only by Civil Surgeons approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS. Only USCIS approved civil surgeons are authorized to conduct the US Immigration Medical Exam. The purpose of conducting either a green card medical examination or an immigration medical exam is to rule out the possibilities of any major health condition or disease, making the applicant inadmissible on public health grounds.

    The Immigration medical exam is a process consisting of Vaccination, Tuberculin tests and other physical examinations, including blood and urine tests, along with relevant x-ray examinations.

    Why Meningococcal Vaccine Mandatory in the Immigration Medical ExamOne of the vaccinations that is mandatory to be taken is the Meningococcal Vaccine. A condition called Meningococcal disease is highly dangerous if not treated. This is caused by the bacterium Neisseria Meningitidis; this bacterium causes meningitis. The pathogen colonizes a large number of the general population without causing any harm, but can afterwards, invade the blood stream and the brain, and this can cause serious illness. Another form of this bacterium causes sepsis, which is more damaging and dangerous. Meningitis and meningococcemia are major causes of illness, all over the world, especially in both developed and under developed countries globally.  USCIS has therefore made it mandatory for all immigrants to receive the Meningococcal Vaccine to prevent the occurrence of this dangerous health condition.

    Vaccinations for the Meningococcal disease is given by USCIS- approved medical surgeons placed all over the United States of America.

    To make the entire process easier for applicants who wish to take the medical examination easyime hand-holds you through the whole routine!  Easyime synchronizes applicants, Civil Surgeons and immigration lawyers, providing applicants with an online platform that makes the whole process of undertaking the medical examination that much easier and hassle-free.

    The easyime portal displays a list of empanelled USCIS approved Civil Surgeons along with the fees that will be charged by them. USCIS does not regulate the fees charged by surgeons, and it is entirely up to the applicants to select the Surgeon in his or her vicinity, while considering the most suitable fee structure.  The applicant can then schedule an appointment for conducting the examination during a suitable time slot. Easyime coordinates with the doctor, all the while ensuring that the applicant goes through the examination process without any difficulties.  After the examination is held, the surgeon fills up the I693 form that is available online on the easyime site. A physical copy is then downloaded, signed by the surgeon and handed over in a sealed envelope to the applicant, who then forwards it to the USCIS office. The immigration medical exam cost is borne by the applicant.

    Secure, safe and easily navigable, is an efficient portal that offers updated information on the entire immigration medical examination process. easyime also offers secure online patient forms, I-693 forms for the surgeons, sealed envelopes, along with the facility of bi-lingual support. Appointments can be set up easily online, from the comfort of the applicant’s home or office.

    Secure and easy. That’s what easyime makes the entire immigration medical examination process to be!

  • How To Prepare A Budget For Immigration Medical Exam?
  • Going through the US Immigration Process is a long and tough process, especially, if it is for Green Card. Not only is it difficult to wait that long, but it is also very expensive. You need to fill the I-485 form to apply for your Green Card, which includes an application fee payable to the Department of Homeland Security.

    If you have hired an immigration attorney, which you should, ideally, you need to pay the fees for consultation followed by filing. Once you’re through this, there is the immigration medical exam waiting right around the corner. You will need to pay fees to the USCIS civil surgeon for conducting the medical and signing the I-693 form once the exam is completed. You will need to submit this form in a sealed envelope to USCIS with your I-485 form.

    How to prepare a budget for Immigration Medical Exam

    Pay the fee online as instructed on the website of USCIS. The fees for filing I-485 with the USCIS $985 per person along with $85 per person biometric fee. For those younger than 14 years of age or older than 79, this fee is waived.

    Immigration attorneys usually charge the initial consultation; they charge a fee later on once the USCIS approves your application. The total fee can range from anywhere between $6000 to $15000 depending on your situation and attorney.

    The civil surgeon will charge anywhere between $200 and $1000 depending on where you live for conducting the immigration medical exam. Medical Insurance does not cover the cost of the exam.

    The medical examination can easily take 4-6 hours of your time so you may need to skip a day at work. This can easily cost you $150 for the skipped day. There is a follow up to check the result of some tests and certain vaccines require follow-up dose. So, you may need to skip a few hours again easily costing you $75.

    The total conveyance charges will cost you $500 approx. which again depends on the geographical area. The total expenditure can easily range between $8000 and $18000.

    In order to save money, you should hire an immigration lawyer near you to save up on the conveyance and time. Likewise, you must find USCIS approved civil surgeon near you. You can do this on for free. You can also compare their charges and schedule an appointment with them for your desired date and time. All it takes is a click. You can do all this for free!

  • US President Barack Obama said recently that his government is willing to split the immigration bill into various parts, if it will help getting the bill passed. But he also said that the final package should be created keeping certain vital elements in mind, one of which include the process to citizenship . This has drawn a lot of opposition from the Republicans.

    If one may recall, the sweeping bill passed the Democrat-controlled Senate with bipartisan support in the month of June. The bill has not been passed and is still in limbo due to an array of differences between Republicans and Democrats in approving it. Thought the Democratic-led Senate passed the Bill the Republican-run House has not taken action on the issue. President Obama, who has already offered the piecemeal approach before, said that a final immigration package should include border security with stronger features, punishment for businesses that consciously hire undocumented workers, apart from the modernization of the immigration system.

    But one is yet to find out as to what the pieces of an incremental immigration plan might look like. Critics have voiced their strong disavowal to the Bill- they wonder how he could possibly justify a plan that will double the flow of immigrants into the country, especially at a time when millions of Americans are outside the labor force. The Republican side says that it wants to take a step-by-step approach to the whole issue. Many people have opposed the bill in its entirety, stating that it comes at a time of unemployment and high wages.

    Immigrants implored the President to use his executive order to stop the deportation of the 11.5 undocumented immigrants, a threat that is beginning to loom large over the immigrant populace in the United States of America.