• What Needs To Be Taken Along To the Medical Examination?
  • When you have arranged for a scheduled appointment with the doctor or surgeon who is qualified and appointed by USCIS to conduct the Green Card Physical make sure to reach there on time!

    Here are some things that you need to carry along:

    • A complete report or list of all the vaccinations that have been received by you in the past.
    • If a member of your immigrating family has or has had a mental condition in the past then this needs to be reported to the Civil Surgeon.
    • If you have had a case of tuberculosis in the past or are going through treatment for the same now this too needs to be reported.
    • If there has ever been a case of an abnormal X-ray in the past this too will have to be carried along. Do not just take the reports – the original films too are required to be taken.
    • If you have had syphilis in the past the certification pertaining to this too needs to be shown to the Civil Surgeon.
    • If treatment is going on for a chronic medical condition then all the relevant details too need to be furnished to the Civil Surgeon.
    • Any psychiatric treatment or treatment for a mental condition too needs to be reported.