• Q1. What does the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obama Care mean for those who are aspiring for permanent residence in the United States?

    For the almost 10 million immigrants who are in the United States of America legally, either with green cards or visas Obama Care will require many of them to have health insurance.

    Permanent Residents or Green Card holders who do not have health coverage are expected to buy insurance through any of the state-based exchanges that opened recently.

    Q2. What about the unlawful immigrants who are in the US illegally?

    It is estimated that the number of unlawful applicants in the U S are around 11.3 million and are not eligible to take part in the government’s health-care program. Medicaid or insurance cannot be purchased by them.

    Q3. What groups are eligible to take advantage of the new law?

    Some immigrant groups that are eligible are :

    Lawful permanent residents

    Green card holders

    Refugees / Asylees / Parolees etc.

    Q4. Are there penalties for eligible lawful immigrants who do not participate in the new system and stay uninsured?

    Yes there are. Legal immigrants who do not participate in the new system and refuse to get health insurance are subject to paying fines to the Internal Revenue Service.