• The Immigration Lawyer And The Green Card Medical
  • Immigration LawyerFor the immigration aspirant, whether the green card application is founded on the basis of employment, visa lottery, political asylum, family or through any other means – the mandatory thing is that the applicant and/or family needs to have appeared for the Green Card Medical and should have filed it on record.


    (Please note that this piece is about filing the green card application in the United States of America – this is also known as Adjustment of Status. Filing an application for the green card from abroad requires a different form.)

    If you are suffering from common or routine conditions like a cold or the flu do not worry too much. These will not stop you from your green card process. The Immigration Medical will check for conditions that are related to immigration.


    First. Download and fill up the Immigration Medical form, which is also known as the I-693. This form pertains to details about you and your health – remember, even if you harbor the smallest doubt do not hesitate to take the services of a good immigration lawyer – it is better to be safe, than to be sorry! A small mistake in filling out the form could set you back by weeks or even months. Always seek out a proficient and experienced lawyer – there are many lawyers but you will need to find the one who is most suitable to be of service to you.

    Secondly, find a USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon in your area.

    Thirdly, carry all the necessary documents with you.

    We shall look at what all has to be carried to the Medical Clinic shortly!