• The interview is the last step in the process for immigration and after the application for the Green Card is done.

    On the day of the interview, all the documents specified in the “Instructions Package for Immigrant Visa Green card applicants” should be brought to the consulate by the green card applicant.

    Even though the green card applicant may have an approved petition with him a personal interview is still required. A personal interview with a Consular officer is a crucial aspect of the immigration process, and this helps to identify people who are legally allowed to enter the United States. The interview process is an important feature that helps to maintain a free society, and preserve immigration fraud. This goes to ensure the security of all who resides in the United States.


    The green card applicant should review all the paperwork, before going to the interview. All the questions and answers should be gone through carefully, and all the forms and documents given by the sponsor checked thoroughly, to rule out any errors. All the dates of the green card applicant’s visits to various places, the financial numbers and the immigration history should be checked too.

    The green card applicant should take a fine point pen to the interview as sometimes a normal ball point pen does not work properly while signing on photographs.