• Doctors in The USA – How You Can Become a Civil Surgeon!
  • Some doctors are employed by USCIS or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in the role of Civil Surgeons. Civil Surgeons are doctors appointed by the USCIS to specifically conduct the Green Card Immigration Medical – an examination that is a mandatory part of the immigration process and that needs to be undertaken by all those visa applicants who are looking to apply for the green card or to adjust status in the United States of America.


    A whole set of criteria exists that have to be met by these Civil Surgeons, before these roles can be applied for. Doctors who reside in the United States and work as qualified doctors are called Civil Surgeons, while those who stay in foreign countries are called panel physicians.


    Certain professional and personal qualifications need to be met by the Civil Surgeon. The doctor has to possess a valid license in the state in which the doctor practices. At least 4 years of work experience as a practicing doctor needs to be there. This excludes the time spent by the doctor in internship or as a resident. The doctor should have been eligible to work as one in the United States.


    What the doctor needs to do is to submit all required details to the USCIS office in his or her city. A letter needs to be written to the District Director, USCIS as an application for the post. Copies of the medical license and a CV should also be enclosed. 2 signature cards displaying the name and valid signatures should also be attached.