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Although the status of permanent residence does not by itself expire, Green Cards, which are the official documentation of PR) needs to be renewed every 10 years. If you do not renew your Green Card within the stipulated time it might become difficult for you to travel abroad or to prove that you are eligible for employment in the USA.

To renew the green card at the end of 10 years you will need to use the form I-90. The same form can be used to replace a green card that has not expired, too.


  • The renewal application can be filed within six months of the expiration date mentioned on the Green Card, it cannot be filed before this period or in advance.
  • In case of the green card’s having expired already, the form I-90 should be filed immediately.
  • In case you possess an older Green Card that does not have an expiration date, it is strongly recommended that you apply for a newer replacement card using the Form I-90.


Apart from renewal requirements, the form can also be used  during the occurrence of the following situations:

  • Loss of card or when it is stolen
  • Mutilated card or at the eventuality of it being destroyed
  • Spelling error
  • Non-receipt of card
  • Change of name
  • If one becomes a permanent resident before one turned 14 years old, the card needs to be replaced after the 14th birthday.


Sometimes green card renewals may not be granted for a lot of reasons. 2 of the most common reasons are 1). Adjustment of immigrant category and 2) Criminal actions.

1)      ADJUSTMENT OF IMMIGRANT CATEGORY: This implies that your status has changed in such a way that the reason for your being granted a green card in the first place no longer holds true anymore. For instance, if you were  issued a green card through your marriage to a US citizen but your marriage has now annulled your Green Card is now no longer valid.

2).  CRIMINAL ACTIONS: If you have perpetrated in a major crime, you can no longer be seen as a valuable part of American society. But this really proves applicable to major crimes such as murders or robberies. Crimes such as earning speeding tickets, etc. are usually seen as minor and these would not probably result in the denial of a Green Card renewal application.


In the event of such a situation happening you have an opportunity to ask USCIS to reconsider their decision. What you could do is to submit a motion to reopen or submit a plea to reconsider – this has to be done with the same office that rejected your application. This will prompt USCIS to re-examine your case and reconsider your plea.

Be sure to write your application with clarity, while providing evidence as to why your application was denied and why USCIS should reconsider its decision.

Always carry your Green Card on your person- every legal immigrant in the United States is always required to carry the card, wherever he or she travels. is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical exam process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Civil Surgeon and schedule their green card medical exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.

Plight of Immigrant Women in U.S

The first word a baby utters are “MOM” or “Mother”, a man before marriage always depends on his mother for each and every thing and once married, he leans on his wife’s shoulder. She has always exhibited a diversified role in her life – as a mother, a sister, a life-partner, a friend, a daughter and of course a source of inspiration. In certain Asian countries, Woman (as Devi) is worshipped for wealth, health, etc., our lives are so influenced by women that we can’t deny their significance in our life. She needs to be given the utmost respect as a person in our society, but in real life when we really look in-depth, it’s sad to watch the amount of discrimination a woman undergoes are so miserable.

The role of a woman as a life-partner is the most important one, however good or bad her behalf is, she withstands every up and down like a smooth cream, and unites the family as one. That’s why they say “BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN, STANDS A WOMAN!” hence the rolling stone is in the hands of a woman, if carried out wisely and dedicatedly, can build and flourish the family, but if not, can ruin the family too!!

Generations after generation’s woman have not only shown their versatile talent in making home, but equally contributed outside too, and more amazing part is with such ease she is able to carry out both home and office. The society has especially benefitted a lot when a woman came forward and started lending a shoulder to her husband in making a family happy place not only financially, socially but morally too. But to our great amazement society has not valued her role, but rather considers her as nuisance, like in some parts of Asia and many countries we can still see people abandoning the girl child, and when a woman go to work the amount of discrimination, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, wage theft and exploitation that occurs even in advanced countries like are innumerable.

This scenario is more commonly witnessed among the woman Immigrant’s in US. Among 12 million undocumented immigrants, more than half of them are women and children. Around sixty percent of these undocumented women work without any kind of paper agreement, in a very informal procedure, where they are paid on a daily basis. More than 35% of these women possess no work and are taking care of their children and home. 25% of the 400,000 people that get deported each year are parents of children who are American citizens, among them almost 177,000 of these children are orphaned each year.

Due to economic conditions back at home, women in order to a make good living for their future and their children come in hope of earning better and leading a good social life, by taking up as a domestic worker or care givers. But they fall to exploitation and work for substandard wages; they may have to leave their own children behind to be raised by relatives; and friends. Apart from this the women and children not only face language barrier, ethnic and community isolation, but live their life under the mercy of the society; they also suffer as victims of family and sexual violence with little or no resources to get help.

Twenty-eight percent of single mothers with children live below the poverty level. The most vulnerable  thing is, there is a lack of economic security for older women who have spent years doing low paid worker like caregivers, cleaning the mall, houses for which little or no Social Security taxes were paid and who eventually find themselves without any financial resources due to the wage gap.

As per the reports of the National Organization for Women, the reproductive health of immigrant women is profoundly affected by immigration policies. Most of the female immigrant are often forced to work in industries, which are undervalued, underpaid, and hazardous to one’s health, lacks basic worker protections and offer no benefits, especially like Immigration Medical Exam fees which are dire necessities to get done in order to gain citizenship and there is no doubt that a majority of female immigrants are not covered under any health care

History revels that the amount of contribution done by these immigrants are uncountable whether socially, economically and politically by making the lives of every U.S. citizen smooth and at ease.. According to the Census data, there are approximately 17.5 million immigrant women in the United States, among them 16 percent live under poverty. These women apart from encountering obstacles to employment and health access; also face violence and discrimination.

After an immigrant survivor of violence has left the abusive situation, whether it is domestic violence at home or human trafficking at her workplace, the role of the social and legal service providers is to apply for immigration relief, and help her find emotional and financial stability while she recovers. However, one serious obstacle that survivors frequently face is the inability to work legally in the United States while their visa application is pending.  The lack of financial resources, especially for women who left their home countries is a factor in choosing to remain and suffer in an abusive environment.

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”
― Brigham Young is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical exam process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Civil Surgeon and schedule their green card medical exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.

An Overview Of The United States Naturalization Process

Some statutory requirements have to be met so as to become a citizen of the United States. Any foreign national can apply for citizenship to the United States, but some procedures have to be necessarily gone through. We shall look at some of the steps here:

 NATURALIZATION: This process involves several steps, and filing applications alone may not do. The first step involves filing an application for naturalization. Followed by that, the applicants must submit biometrics information, attend the naturalization interview, pass the tests and finally take the oath. An individual who successfully goes through the entire process alone will be granted US citizenship. The Form N-400, is the USCIS form that must be filed by an immigrant who aims at obtaining US citizenship. This form, like the other USCIS forms is not imple and is quite complicated.

 Naturalization Process


Remember that, to file an application for naturalization, you need to be a Green Card holder. If you are a Green Card holder, you should then qualify for naturalization with the following requirements:

18 or Older: You must not be a minor and at the time of filing Form N-400, you must be above age 18.

Good Moral Character: This is one of the most important requirements as you will never be permitted to become a US citizen if you are a criminal. You must not have falsely claimed US citizenship and you must not have been criminally convicted. You must be a law abiding person and must not be a member of any criminal organization.

Continuous Residence: You must have maintained residence in America for a certain period of time. If you are the spouse of a US citizen, at the time of applying for US citizenship, you will have to establish that you have been living in America for the past three years. If you are not the spouse of a US citizen, you will have to prove that you have been living in America for the past five years. If you had remained in a foreign country for more than 6 months within the past three or five years, you cannot apply for US citizenship. That is because, a trip outside the country for longer than 6 months will break continuous residency.

Physical Presence : If you are the spouse of a US citizen and if you are applying for citizenship after three years of permanent residency, to qualify, you must have spent at least 18 months in America. Similarly, if you are applying for US citizenship, five years after becoming a permanent resident, you must establish that you have spent 30 consecutive months in America. If you hold a Green Card and if you are in the US Armed Forces, you can apply for citizenship, after 1 year of service and you need not meet the physical presence requirement.

Residence : You must have resided in the American state in which you are applying for US citizenship, for a minimum of three months. However, this requirement does not apply to the members of the US Armed Forces. is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical exam process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Civil Surgeon and schedule their green card medical exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.

A Group Of Immigrants Asked Boehner To Show Courage And Push Forward The Immigration Reform

A group of about 80 immigrants, who gathered from different states to the capital of the nation and marched in the halls of the Congress while wearing “Courage” stamped medallions around their necks and deposited all the medallions to the House speaker Mr. Boehner’s office.

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) has organized this gesture to ask Mr. Boehner to push the immigration reform bill forward in the House for voting. This act of protest was launched at the summit organized by FIRM at a Washington hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The organizers called this summit as ‘Keeping the Families Together Summit’ as the total numbers of deportations has reached almost at 2 million during the Obama administration. At the summit, they will decide different strategies for immigration movement. FIRM is a national coalition of grassroots organizations fighting for immigration rights and reforms.

The Senate passed the comprehensive immigration bill with 68-32 votes in the June of last year, which was crafted by the Gang of Eight members of the bipartisan group which addressed key issues like border security measures, merit based visa system and opening a door to the U.S. citizenship for about 11 million undocumented immigrants presently residing in the United States.

Boehner and other Republican firmly opposed the bill and called it as an ‘Awful’. Boehner even never brought the bill for voting in the House. Republicans proposed the piecemeal immigration reform which means crafting separate small bills for separate immigration issues rather than a single comprehensive bill covering all the issues.

At the summit, they will decide different strategies for immigration movement. FIRM is a national coalition if grassroots organizations fighting for immigration rights and reforms. is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical exam process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Civil Surgeon and schedule their green card medical exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.

Happy Women’s Day…

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”

-          George Washington



There is no doubt that women are the best precious jewels on this planet. The world would become a hollowed- box without them. No matter she is your daughter, mother, sister or wife, only things which she delivers are love, care, compassion and dedication.

EasyIME wishes all a very happy Women’s Day…

Salute! Respect! Thank You! is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical exam process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Civil Surgeon and schedule their green card medical exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.


Syphilis – A Must Test For The Immigration Medical Exam

Clearing an Immigration medical examination for getting Greencard for United States is one big challenge that many immigrants face. There are several tests one needs to undergo before they can apply their application for further process. And an important immigration related medical screening is for Syphilis, a Sexually transmitted disease.
What is Syphilis?
Syphilis is caused by a bacterial spirochete Treponema pallidum. A spirochete is a thin spiral or coil-shaped bacterium that enters the body through the mucous membranes or breaks in the skin. It is transmitted sexually or vertically (from mother to child). In 90% of cases, the spirochete is transmitted by sexual contact.

Under Sexually transmitted syphilis there are
Primary Syphilis:
•The infection goes unnoticed when the organism enters the body.
•After a gestation period of 10 – 90 days, a small painless pustule on the skin can be noticed. Usually it erodes forming a painless bloodless ulcer called Chancre is visible. The disease may resolve within a few days or the fluid that swarms with spirochetes may result being highly contagious.
Secondary Syphilis:
• Secondary syphilis are seen anywhere between six to eight weeks and six months after the infection begins.
•It is a systemic infection marked by the eruption of skin rashes and ulcers in the mucous membranes which is characterized by general malaise, anorexia, nausea, fever, headache, alopecia, bone and joint pain, or the appearance of a morbilliform rash that does not itch, flat white sores in the oral cavity and throat, and condylomata lata papules on the moist areas of the skin.
•The disease appears with a coppery color having no pain or itching, occurs on the palms of the hands and soles of feet. This is highly contagious during this stage.
Latent Syphilis
•Patient has no clinical signs or symptoms of the disease being present. It is usually discovered by serologic tests
Tertiary Syphilis
•Untreated syphilis usually occur in about 35-40% of patients anywhere between 1-30 years after infection.
•This is characterised by neurological, cardiovascular or gummatous complications.
Vertically transmitted syphilis
Congenital syphilis:
•This is usually transmitted prenatally by the mother to the fetus ( around 50% of infants are affected)
•This leads to Hutchinson’s incisors, mulberry molars, or rhagades
•Causes stillbirth in about 30% of infected mothers
•Symptomatic neurosyphilis occurs in 1-5% of these children, often characterized by sudden deafness (usually around 8-10 years or age) and/or interstitial keratitis or chorioretinitis.
•Detection of syphilis is often delayed because of the varying length of the incubation period, and the possibility of not noticing at the initial chancre stage.
•Doctor can detect the possibility of the disease while taking the patient’s history, to determine if the patient falls into high risk based on their recent sexual contacts.
•Other symptoms, such as skin rashes or swollen lymph nodes, are also noted with respect to the dates of the patient’s sexual contacts.
•Only by a thorough diagnosis based on blood test will prove if the disease is positive or negative.
Blood tests
•Non-treponemal tests are serological tests that detect lipoidal substances released from cells during syphilis infection. These tests usually correlate with disease activity and become negative after adequate treatment.
•Treponemal tests are serological tests that detect syphilis antigens. These tests are generally more specific and less sensitive than non-treponemal tests
•Darkfield microscopy can be used to visualise treponemes from a primary chancre or nasal secretions. Failure to identify treponemes does not exclude a syphilis diagnosis.
•Syphilis PCR can be performed on swabs from a primary chancre, nasal secretions or CSF. It is not adequately sensitive for screening (e.g. to blood).
•CSF should be collected for VDRL, FTA-Abs or PCR testing where neurosyphilis is suspected.
What if the applicant has/ had syphilis?
The form I-693 has check box which says no A or B condition exists and also Class A condition and Class B condition. Applicants with untreated syphilis are Class A condition.
Aliens applying for US Immigration should be correctly diagnosed with Syphilis, as to ensure that the affected applicants receive timely treatment. This will minimize the waiting time not only about the immigration process but also reduces the further spread of disease.
Applicants with syphilis are treated using a standard syphilis treatment regimen before any medical report form is completed or signed. The result and treatment information, including medication, dose, and dates of treatment and route of administration are recorded for the purpose of medical examination for an immigrant from.
Syphilis treated patient must present the panel doctor with a written certificate, signed by a doctor or public health official, proving that the applicant was effectively treated, then they are re-classified as a Class B condition, and the applicant may be medically cleared for Immigration process.

No end to Immigration reform

It’s been decades still there is no right path to citizenship. Year on year protest keeps occurring just like the way any festival occurs every year. It seems that the government has been used to hear the slogans and effigy being burnt in front of them and they simply turn their back and walk out. It just likes another day for them. But the protester only knows the pain and hardship that they undergo and the insult that they face each day staying in United State as being an Immigrant. Added to this, the fear of getting deported now is another horrible nightmare for these undocumented Immigrants. This reminds me of the great dictator the ‘HITLER’, where the Jews literally use to hide in worst of the worst places just to safeguard their family and themselves from being dragged by a solider only to put them in a death trap.
Every leader in US comes with a promise to change the system of Immigration and make a legal path way to illegal immigrants, but only to see that the leader has been changed but immigration reform is standstill in its original position.
Speaking with Univision Radio recently, President Obama has initiated to work on immigration reform before the closure of his tenure by 2017. 11.7 million People living illegally now hopes to see that day come true to see a legal pathway for them. is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical exam process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Civil Surgeon and schedule their green card medical exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.

Synopsis of I-693 Process

It is unbelievable to witness a county with so many faces from different origin, culture, food, artifacts like the way we see in USA, the gateway to millions of people eagerly waiting to enter their fantasy world.

Out of all the other countries, why do we get to see more number of immigrants in this country? The fundamental fact lies that the country has made it very resourceful and developed, especially the life of a common man’s. Every country has pros and cons but the intensity of having a decent life is something that every man dreams of and this is the result of Immigration. Some other factors like economic and/or political reasons, family re-unification, natural disasters or the wish to change one’s surroundings voluntarily contribute to immigration.

In order to get immigrated to US, one has to go through a lot of process which takes years for them to get a Green card and one important and nearing step to get through that process is the I-693 form as also called Immigration Medical exam.

In order to protect the health of their public, the US government has reinforced some strict rules on immigrants who are applying for Green card and one such rule is getting a complete medical screening for specific diseases like mumps, measles, rubella, polio, tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, pertussis, Haemophilus influenzae type B, and hepatitis B, and vaccinations against vaccine-preventable diseases as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

USCIS Immigration Medical Exam Form i-693

As per their law, if any alien is not able to furnish documents of received vaccination against “Vaccine preventable diseases and other diseases as mentioned in CDP, then the applicant will lose the eligibility to get a Green card.

Overview of the Immigration Medical exam form

I-693 form consists of 4 parts which runs in 5 pages.

Part1 – A generic personal detail about oneself, that needs to be typed by the applicant in Capital letter with black ink only.

Information to be filled is:

-       Applicants’ complete name, middle name and last name

-       Complete home address with zip code

-       Gender

-       Date of Birth

The most important is do not sign or date the form anywhere unless and until said by the civil surgeon.

Part 2Applicant medical examination Synopsis by Civil surgeon

As per INA 212(a) law the diseases are classified as below

-       Communicable disease of public health significance

-       Physical or mental disorder associated with harmful behavior

-       Drug abuse or addiction

-       Vaccination details

Communicable Diseases there are two disease that are tested

1-Tuberculosis (TB) – Initial screening test or Interferon Gamma Release Assay is conducted for all applicant 2 years of age and older. If any sign or symptom of TB is seen, Chest X-ray is done

2- SyphilisApplicants of 15 years and older need to appear for Serologic test for Syphilis.

Physical or Mental disorders related with harmful behavior

The civil surgeons review the past history of the applicant and assess the mental status. During the screening of medical exam, or while taking medical history of the mental disorder,  a surgeon will be able to diagnose if an applicant is facing any kind of physical or mental disorder that results in harmful behavior like major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mental retardation

Surgeon also checks for harmful behavior that is associated with a mental or physical disorder that results in:

n  Serious psychological or physical injury to the applicant or others (e.g. suicide attempt or pedophilia)

n  A serious threat to health or safety (e.g. driving while intoxicated or verbally threatening to kill someone)

Drug Abuse/ Drug Addiction

Using American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) criteria, surgeons see if the applicant is under drug addiction or not. They also check if an applicant is under Substance abuse or Substance dependence.

If substance abuse or dependence is found, the civil surgeon (or specialist, if referred) will document the applicant’s pattern of use and behavioral, physical, and psychological effects associated with the substance use or cessation of use.

Part 3 – Medical Certification of the Civil Surgeon

After completion of the medical test the doctor will put his comments and results in the form with his official stamp or seal along with date and signature

Part 4- Vaccination Record

 All applicants applying for adjustment of status must provide with relevant Vaccination details that are specifically required by statue or as listed by CDC documents. The applicant’s age at the time of the medical examination is used to determine which vaccines are age-appropriate to administer.

  • Note that all vaccines can be given on the same day as a TST or any time after TST is applied. However, if MMR, varicella, or live attenuated intranasal influenza vaccine (LAIV) is given before TST, at least 4 weeks is recommended before administering the TST. With that verification the civil surgeon will see if any additional vaccine needs to be given or not.

An immigrant having lived so long and dreaming of becoming part of U.S should make his mind not to get depressed and wait for some more years only to see a better tomorrow to make their dream come true. So every immigrant should make sure that they documents are not fake, try to get vaccinated if needed and try to leave in a healthy environment. is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical exam process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Civil Surgeon and schedule their green card medical exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.

Standards Of Immigration Reform’ – Call For Legal Status Falling Apart

Technology, healthcare, real business, education in US has reached far off places, but when it comes to immigration there seems to be a snail pace reform. The recent debate in the House of Republican leaders unveiled that the immigration system needs to have a “Standards” Principles, which wants to find a special path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants.

The preamble of these standards reads that the nation’s immigration systems are broken and laws are not enforced. This is not only resulting in economy downfall but caters to national security risk. There needs to be a bipartisan manner to solve the serious immigration system which cannot be tackled singly; and the solution for this is through step-by-step, with a common sense approach that will secure country borders, enforcing laws and by implementing a robust enforcement measures.

The outline does not provide a specific timeline for when undocumented residents could attain legal status but the plan would not explicitly bar eventual citizenship for those qualifying under existing employment and family- based categories.

Being a fundamental duty of any government to secure its borders, there seems to be very little done in this case. The policy seems to have some loose ends that makes pathway for people to cross the borders illegally or overstay their visas. The administration needs to put stringent policies so that it not only affects cross border deaths especially countries like Mexico, who try to enter illegally for a decent livelihood, but also helps those who are staying legally to attain green card in a more legal way.
They also need to work on the implementation of entry-exit visa tracking system by using right technology to verify visitor’s identity who fails to abide the law also verify immigrant employees work eligibility by implementing workable electronic employment verification system that result from any fraud.

The country has given opportunity for many foreign nationals and students to pursue their dream of entering world class colleges and universities here particularly in high skilled fields. These legal immigrants want to stay back as they have limited opening back in their home country, but due to insufficient visa and green card allocations it is becoming hard for them to stay back, and has resulted in exporting the talented labor and ingenuity to other countries. The government needs to look at this in a broader perspective since the exceptional individuals help grow the US economy.
Another area where the government needs to work is by addressing the temporary worker program – particularly the agricultural industry, which adds value to the economy and strengthens the national security by allowing realistic, enforceable and usable legal paths to enter the United States. The temporary workers are able to meet the economy of the country as they do not displace or take undue advantage of the American workers.

In the midst of this, the new reform principles from Boehner provide a path to citizenship for children. America has valued the children; by providing ample opportunities to make sure that the children of immigrants are not affected for the mistakes of their parents. They are working for a concrete legal resident and citizenship for those who were brought to this country as children for no fault of their own, who have considered this place alone as their home and importantly by meeting certain eligible standards and serve honorably in the military or attain college degree, justice will be done to this children.

According to Nancy Pelosi, looking at the other angles, the Republican principles raise more questions, like what about the DREAMers of becoming a US Citizen? What are the requirements for immigrants to live legally and how will it result in getting complete citizenship? Will the Republicans’ enforcement trigger more barriers instead of removing obstacles to comprehensive reform?

The document points out that the illegal immigrants could live legally and without fear provided they are willing to admit their culpability, pass rigorous background checks, pay significant fines and back taxes, develop proficiency in English and American civic and are capable of supporting themselves and their families by not accessing public benefits.
However the GOP outlines, which were discussed, insist that none of the principles can happen before specific enforcement triggers have been implemented.

The issue of how to deal with undocumented workers has been in the corner for the last 15 years, now being in the central component of immigration reform for over seven months after 68 Senators overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan immigration bill, the House Republicans responded with a flimsy document that only serves to underscore the callous attitude of the Republicans have toward their own nations’ immigrants.

Hope the draft of Standards for Immigration Reform that was being debated by the House Republicans mark an important

progress by bringing together Democrats and Republicans in ensuring to pass immigration reform this year. is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Physician and schedule their Green Card Medical Exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.

Will Immigration Reform Bill pass in the present year?

The Immigration reform is the hot topic in the United States.  It has been almost a year now that President Mr. Barak Obama promised the nation to come up with strong immigration legislation which will boost the US economy and offer significant benefits to millions of illegal immigrants.

According to sources, Republicans are busy nowadays in crafting ‘principles’ to propose in the house instead of a comprehensive reform bill. The principles are nothing but a series of legislation proposals related to different immigration issues. However, we don’t know if we should be happy or not. These principles will be based on the most critical issue of last year’s reform bill – Border Security. For decades, the United States has been unfortunate as far as border security is concerned. Every year, thousands of illegal immigrants enter in the US for better living for their families. Border security is most critical problem that must be solved as early as possible.

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill which was crafted by a gang of eight members (4 conservative Republicans and 4 Democrats) of bipartisan group is on stall right now. This bill consisted many key issues related to immigration like border security, merit based visa system and a pathway to citizenship to illegal immigrants. The Conservative Republicans were very much against to the pathway of citizenship provision. According to them, one cannot easily be a citizen of the United States who does not respect the US laws. They always wanted a series of immigration bills which handle different immigration issues separately.

In the comprehensive bill, there is a provision called 13 years of the pathway of citizenship proposed to undocumented immigrants. However, a recent survey by the pew research center revealed that for immigrants, reduction in deportation and legalization is more important than citizenship. Most of the Latino community agreed that legalization is more important and they are not satisfied with the republican’s role in the immigration reform process in the house. This is considered as a primary reason of the republican’s inclination towards immigration reform.  The senate elections are approaching and both parties will try to get the attention of voters and why not? This is the perfect time to settle the biggest controversial issue to gather public attention. According to law experts, the immigration reform is likely to pass before the elections.

By the end of this month, the picture will be crystal clear. However, Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner and conservative Republicans will surely try to get credit for the immigration reform. My question is: will Democrats be in the agreement with conservatives for the compromised reform designed by them? is a free service, which streamlines the immigration medical process for green card aspirants by helping them locate the right USCIS Physician and schedule their Green Card Medical Exam online. Green card aspirants can also find immigration lawyers near their zip code through this service.