• What are the things that would make you fail a green card Medical exam?
  • As you plan to appear for a green card medical examination, there are certain requirements to full fill. The medical exam is a routine process ensuring the safety of the citizens. 

    Do you know, certain significant health diseases can make you inadmissible to the immigration medical examination? The search and reach platform of easyIME can help you through the entire medical examination process. 

    Why is a green card medical exam important? 

    The green card medical exam under the USCIS doctors is to determine if the person is healthy to meet the admissibility standards of the country. The doctor should be USCIS-approved to perform the examination. 

    You will be inadmissible if during the green card medical examination any of these 4 medical conditions are found – 

    • Communicable disease 
    • Irrelevant proof of required vaccinations 
    • Drug addiction or abuse 
    • Harmful behavior due to physical or mental disorder of any kind 

    In most of the cases, the Doctor may advise you to undergo an appropriate treatment. 

    This medical examination is not a full physical test but only those specific to the immigration purpose. For consular applicants, the right time to schedule the medical exam is communicated by the National Visa Center. 

    Besides, the CDC also requires the green card applicants to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The updated Form i 693, effective from October 1, 2021, accommodates the record of Covid Vaccination. The person is considered inadmissible during the immigration medical examination, if not fully vaccinated. The examining physician may have facilities to give you the required vaccinations, else may advise you to get the required vaccinations 

    Reasons you could fail the green card medical exam – 

    Similar to criminal record verification, complete medical exam verification is a must. Any person failing the medical examination is denied. 

    The top reasons that can make a person inadmissible to a country based on the green card medical exam are as follow – 

    1. Vulnerability to public health

    The prime concern of any country is to ensure good health for its residents and permanent citizens. Thus, any possibility of danger to their health is one of the prime reasons for inadmissibility. 

    To ensure that health meets the minimum requirements of the country, the USCIS doctors examine you and prepare the i-693 form (record of medical examination and vaccination record). The result of the immigration medical exam is an important part of approving the Green Card decision. 

    1. Risk to public safety

    If at any point, you are observed to be a threat to the safety of the permanent citizens and residents of the country, you will be denied entry. The results mainly depend on your immigration medical examination and also include: 

    • Violent or unpredictable public behavior 
    • Sudden loss of physical and mental stability 
    1. Excessive social services or health demands

    You will be denied entry into the country if it is found that your health conditions or social services demand more than the average resident over a period of time. If you are under an excessive stress on health and social services, you may be inadmissible. 

    It is always recommended to appear for the medical exam after undergoing all required health treatments and vaccinations, to ensure your suitability to enter the country without any hassles, on a Residency card.

    Do you have any more doubts about why you can fail a green card medical examination? You can write to us (support@easyime.com) check the easyIME website for all the necessary help in the matter. 

    Top States & Cities To Find USCIS Authorised Civil Surgeon for Immigration Medical Exam




    New York


    • Dallas
    • Houston
    • Austin
    • USCIS designated Immigration Medical Doctors are located across Texas and neighbourhood, such as in:

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    The Doctor office requires to know who is enquiring for an appointment. By submitting your Name, Contact info and Date of Birth, the Doctor office is able to better manage appointments, track bookings, provide necessary information to the doctors’ office and guide on the vaccinations that you need based on your age.

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