• Navigating the Green Card Medical Exam: A Step-by-Step Guide to Form I-693 and What to Expect
  • Are you preparing to apply for a green card and wondering what to expect during the mandatory medical examination? If so, we’ve got you covered! The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Form I-693 is an important document that reports the results of your medical examination. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what you need to know about the form and what to expect during the examination.

    First things first, let’s talk about the form itself. Only USCIS approved Civil Surgeons are authorized to submit information in Form I-693:

    1. The form must be completed in blue or black ink.
    2. The form must be signed and dated by the civil surgeon who performed the examination.
    3. The form must be sealed in an envelope and signed across the seal by the civil surgeon.
    4. The sealed envelope must be submitted where applicable, along with the appropriate immigration application and fee.

    Now, onto the physical examination part. Here is what to expect from the medical examination:

    1. The Civil Surgeon will review your medical history and perform a physical examination.
    2. The Civil Surgeon will test for certain communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, and gonorrhea.
    3. The civil surgeon may also administer vaccinations if needed.
    4. The civil surgeon will provide the results of the examination on Form I-693, as well as include information on vaccinations.

     The CDC publishes the vaccination requirements and immigration medical examination instructions (including a detailed table listing all required vaccines) at www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/exams/ti/civil/vaccination-civil-technical-instructions.html

    But here’s an interesting note: Form I-693 is currently valid for two years from the date of the examination. This allows you to be ready for submission to USCIS, when needed. Additionally, if you are found to have a communicable disease, you may be barred from receiving a green card unless you can demonstrate that you pose no risk to public health.

    Your first reaction may be, “That sounds like a lot of hassle.” However, trust us when we tell you that all medical examinations are necessary for the process of obtaining a green card. Who knows? You may even learn about a health issue that was previously unknown to you. In most cases, communicable diseases are curable, and you can re-appear for your medical exams.

    In conclusion, USCIS Form I-693 is a vital document that reports the results of your green card medical examination. The examination itself is a necessary step in the process and may even help you discover and address any health issues. Stay healthy, and good luck with your green card application!

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