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Are you a Green Card Aspirant?

When you’re expecting the Immigration Medical Exam

Green Card Aspirants need to mandatorily undergo the Immigration Medical Exam. This examination helps the USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services whether the aspirant is admissible to the United States on the grounds of Public Health and Safety or not.

It is conducted by a USCIS approved Civil Surgeon.
The Medical Exam will cost you anywhere between $150 and $700 depending on where you live. The cost varies depending on the geographical location. The examination will take a few hours, so it is preferable you take a day off work on the date of appointment.

Initially, a skin test will be conducted to determine your exposure to Tuberculosis. If the test result is positive, another test called IGRA (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) will be done which is again followed by a Chest X ray to determine the presence of Tuberculosis in your body. For pregnant women, added protection is provided for the unborn child; however, the pregnant woman can opt out of the X ray provided she presents a certificate confirming her pregnancy from her obstetrician and physician.

Once the Tuberculosis tests are done, there are blood tests to detect Syphilis and HIV. In addition, blood tests to detect Venereal Diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and other communicable diseases such as Leprosy are also carried out.

The next step for the civil surgeon is to ascertain whether you suffer from any physical or mental disorders or not. The important thing for the civil surgeon is to understand whether you exhibit harmful behavior or exhibit symptoms that may lead you to indulge in harmful behavior in the future.

Drug abuse tests and tests to determine whether you have any form of addiction especially that of narcotics are an important part of the medical examination. Finally, the doctor carefully goes through your medical history and asks questions related to it.

After all is done, comes the most important part of the medical which is Vaccination. You will get vaccinated for the diseases – Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria toxoids, Pertussis, Influenza type B and Hepatitis B. Some vaccines require a follow up dose which needs to be taken from your health care provider.

Once you’re through the immigration medical, the civil surgeon fills the i693 form, signs it and hands it over in a sealed envelope along with other test results. Before the results are sealed make sure you have filled your details correctly in part 1 of the form, especially, your name. The envelope needs to be delivered to the USCIS office within a week’s time. If the seal appears to be tampered with, it will be instantly rejected.

It’s now very easy to select the right USCIS Civil Surgeon. All it takes is 3 simple steps with

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Finding the right immigration lawyer

Are you a Green Card aspirant? Well, then you need to hire the right immigration lawyer and become a Green Card Applicant. Time is of the essence when applying for a US visa since the process is long and taxing. Of course, the nerves too often get the better of you.

It’s crucial that you select the right immigration lawyer for you. The right counsel makes all the difference. You don’t need to worry. Keep these pointers in mind while working:

  • Make a list of the best immigration lawyers in your area.
  • Most lawyers do not charge for the initial consultation; however, it is better to confirm the charges while setting up the appointment.
  • Read up on the Immigration Process before the meeting.
  • Prepare a list of questions and write it down.
  • During the meeting, avoid getting impressed.
  • Keep your head clear and ask the questions you have written down.
  • A lawyer charging more may not always be the right choice and likewise for a lawyer charging less. It all depends on how thorough the lawyer is with the subject.
  • Ask the lawyer about previous satisfied clients. Get a feedback from them prior to finalizing the lawyer. helps you simplify the process. You can get a list of the best immigration lawyers near you right on your desktop for FREE. All you need to do is:

Immigration Lawyer

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  5. Select the best and begin the immigration process.
  6. Its two simple clicks and you’re ready to begin your Immigration Process!