Are you an Immigration Lawyer?

Are you an Immigration Lawyer?

The web portal provides a common platform for immigration lawyers, green card aspirants and civil surgeons alike. With the tough competition and ever changing immigration rules, it is difficult to reach the targeted clientele.

A lawyer understands how important networking is to survive and grow in this field. With the aid of technology, one of the easiest and effective ways to network is through the right listings on the Internet. Not only does this give you a wide exposure, it ensures that you effectively reach the targeted clientele.

easyIME offers an excellence opportunity to make this connect with your targeted clientele and that too in and around your vicinity. The lawyer locator feature on our website helps green card aspirants search immigration lawyers nearest through zip code. This means that Green Card Aspirants in and around your vicinity will prefer you over other immigration lawyers. With this added advantage, you are much more likely to convert a green card aspirant into a client.

What’s more? This service is absolutely FREE! You can get listed on easyIME by signing up with us and start getting Green Card Aspirant referrals today!

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3 Steps to get a FREE LISTING on

That’s all! Now get the free listing on our website and start getting the referrals. Green Card Aspirants will be able to look your listing up through the ‘Lawyer Locator’ on the easyIME website. Your listing will appear once an aspirant fills in his zip code and clicks on Go.

Have questions?  Simply call our representative on (888) 437-6797. We would be happy to answer all your questions.