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Welcome to easyIME Alabama Service Center

Immigration Medical Exam Guidelines for Alabama requires you undergo the medical examinations and vaccinations in the United States with USCIS designated physician, also known as 'Civil Surgeon'. You can call easyIME Alabama Service Centre at (203) 569-3999 or use the search button to Quickly find USCIS approved Civil Surgeons nearest to you and conveniently schedule your Immigration Medical Exam.

The USCIS does not regulate the fees charged by Civil Surgeons for the completion of the medical examination. The fees vary by the medical doctor. Use this service to easily compare the physical fees charged by the designated doctor. The Vaccination is charged extra depending on the medical history. easyIME Alabama Service Centre is a free service for Immigrants seeking to schedule Green Card Medical Exam. Once you schedule your Immigration Medical Exam through easyIME, you will receive a confirmation call and guidance from our Alabama CSRs.

Alabama hosts a diverse immigrant population of over 200,000 individuals, which is about 3.5% Immigrant share. These include immigrants from Mexico, India, Vietnam, and China. About 24.3% are from Mexico, 12.4% are from Gautemala, 6.5% from India, following closely by immigrants from Korea, which is 6.4%, and about 4.7% immigration population is from China. Immigrants in Alabama are involved in professions such as manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and education. Amongst the Top industries with highest share of immigrant workers are Animal Slaughtering and Processing (22.9%), followed by Colleges, universities, and professional schools, including junior colleges industry sector (11.2%), Construction (7.7%), Restaurants and other food services (7%), Motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment manufacturing (5.1%).

The Top 5 Occupants with highest share of Immigrant Workers in Alabama are :

#1 Postsecondary teachers: 26.1%

#2 First-line supervisors of retail sales workers: 6.8%

#3 Other managers: 5.5%

#4 Cashiers: 3.5%

Jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields are some of the most in-demand occupations in the U.S. economy. These jobs are also expected to experience some of the highest growth rates in the next decade, second only to healthcare jobs. While immigrants already play a huge part in maintaining the United States’ role as a leading innovator, they will also be instrumental in helping high-tech industries meet their full potential as their needs for high-skilled STEM workers increase rapidly in the future.

Cities like Birmingham and Huntsville offer job opportunities and a sense of community. The website provides information about USCIS approved Doctors' fees, vaccination requirements, and other essential details for immigration medical exams. Share of all immigrants who are naturalized U.S. citizens is about 41.3%

Why Choose easyIME for Your Immigration Medical Exam in Alabama

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Find USCIS authorized Civil Surgeons available on Weekends.

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$150 Starting Price for your exam

Compare best prices for Physical. Fees including vaccination are just a call away!

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USCIS designated Immigration Medical Doctors located in Alabama.

Select a city near you and get appointments with best fees starting from:

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Tabu Sinyengo

Everything went well. The stuff were super nice and I was treated very well. Am waiting for my results to come through in a weeks time. Am very grateful to you all. Keep up your good work!! Thank you!

  • Alabama, Birmingham
  • Price : $185
  • Date : 12-01-2021 09:00 AM

Khansaa Albitouni

I liked the staff very nice people, loved the doctor she is so lovely and nice, the clinic needs some airing but in general extra good office I will recommend to all my friends

  • Alabama, Birmingham
  • Price : $185
  • Date : 12-02-2020 03:00 PM
Immigration Medical Check Up is for every applicant applying for immigrant visa. To create smooth process, USCIS has appointed USCIS Approved doctor so that applicant can easily get their Medical test for Green Card processed.
Get documents signed by USCIS Approved doctor at USCIS office. USCIS Assigned Doctors is appointed for Green Card Medical Exam for all the applicants. The process is set to simplify Immigration Physical Exam.
After Scheduling Green Card Medical Exam by Immigration Medical Exam Doctors, you will get primary verification call. Once your details are confirmed and verified, you will be given address and location for Immigration Medical Doctor for your Medical test for Immigration.

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